Comments for Josh D’Amaro Gives Peek Inside Closed Disneyland

josh damaro disneyland

Credit: IAAPA


  1. I would recommend to keep Disneyland closed until not only the coronavirus pandemic is over but until the Splash Mountain re theme is canceled.
    So that way it will give Disney some time to get the rides in the park maintained and repair, Clean up those COVID-19 germs, hire some new Disney Cast members and get everything ready in time for the 100th Anniversary of the Walt Disney Company in 2023.

    1. Mike

      I want to believe they will cancel the Splash Mountain re-theme but I think he said they are gonna work on it quick. It’s ridiculous. Splash Mountain should be left alone

    2. Ken G

      And what a perfect time for them to tear down the old People Mover track and get moving on a full Tomorrowland re-do!

  2. Ken G

    I really see Josh D’Amaro as the future CEO of the company. He has that Disney spark and love for the legacy and company.

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