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  1. Mickeba

    “Black Bond” has been a topic of conversation for a while as has “Jane Bond”, a female Bond. Both ideas are ridiculous. “James Bond” is not female and was not written by Ian Fleming to be black, so why the attempts to alter the character to some world view. It’s not about being sexist or racist. The idea of a female or black secret agent is a great idea. Create one! Don’t gravy train off of established characters to reach some sense of social justice that, yes, we do need. Morphing Bond into a woman or black person isn’t the answer to the challenges of social justice. And where does it end? Why not “white Shaft”, or “Asian Indiana Jones?” We have horrific race issues in America, the world. They won’t be solved by altering movie characters to races or genders that they were not created to be. We’d be far better off doing something concrete to solve these challenges rather than deploying superficial window dressing and calling it “progress”.

    1. Matt

      Amen to everything you stated.

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