Honest Review: The “New” Kitchen Sink Experience at Beaches and Cream

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kitchen sink at Beaches and Cream

Credit: Disney

The Kitchen Sink — It has defeated so many with its several scoops of various ice cream flavors, 4 chocolate chip cookies, 1 brownie, 1 angle food cake cupcake, and other various toppings. But it’s more than just the flavors and ingredients — It’s the experience!

Typically, when Guests order the famous Kitchen Sink, lights and sirens would go off in the Beaches and Cream restaurant. This would be quickly followed by a Cast Member announcing all of the ingredients of the Kitchen Sink Sundae as they carried it to the table. Of course, the best part was when they yelled, “A whole can of whipped cream!” and guests would respond with, “A whole can?!”

kitchen sink
Credit: Inside the Magic

The “New” Kitchen Sink Experience

On my recent trip to Walt Disney World Resort, I decided to take my fiance to Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Yacht Club since he had never been before. Even though we only had two people, we wanted to attempt to conquer the famous Kitchen Sink, however, when we ordered we were informed that some things have changed about the experience.

Once we let our waiter know we wanted to try the Kitchen Sink, he informed us that due to the current pandemic, the waiters no longer announce to the restaurant that someone ordered the Kitchen Sink, and no sirens would go off. Check out the video below of how the waiters and waitresses at Beaches and Cream now deliver the Kitchen Sink to Guests.


Is it Worth it?

So with the changes to the Kitchen Sink experience due to the pandemic, the question is “Is it worth it?” Personally, I would recommend, especially if someone in your party is visiting for the first time, to wait until the full Kitchen Sink experience is back — Announcement and sirens in all. It’s part of the fun and gets the entire restaurant to participate. There’s nothing like some delicious Disney food and entertaining Cast Members to bring together incredible Disney magic and once in a lifetime experiences.

However, if you simply cannot wait and really want to attempt to polish off the several scoops of ice cream and various toppings, it still tastes just as delicious and still loads of fun – Just go into the restaurant knowing there won’t be a big extravagant announcement nor will there be flashing lights and sirens to get everyone’s attention.

kitchen sink
Credit: Inside the Magic

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Have you ever conquered the Kitchen Sink? Let us know in the comments below.

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