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  1. Randall

    Sorry, don’t see it. Please explain to this boomer what about the picture says they are a gay couple. Thanks.

    1. m w

      It’s two men holding hands, which could imply that they’re a couple as male intimacy doesn’t really happen between men that are considered heterosexual.

      1. Oh

        I spent many years living in Asia and its very common for heterosexual men to hold hands. It doesn’t necessarily imply they are gay.

    2. Davis

      It’s 2 guys skipping around like a couple of homos. Heterosexual men don’t do that.

  2. Hector


    1. m w

      What’s so disgusting about two men holding hands?

      1. EricJ

        Or acting like overgrown 10-yo’s, at a Disney park? 😉

        (But don’t they usually prefer Magic Kingdom?)

    2. Mark

      Then stay away and don’t come to the parks.

    3. Brian

      Oh, Hector. If you don’t like gay people, don’t be one.

  3. Mike

    Representation matters so much. Disney has been finally shifting to embracing diversity more explicitly, even if it’s in a ‘are they a couple or just two guys skipping’ Disney-safe kind of way. We aren’t debating a man and woman holding hands- there isn’t room anymore to debate two men, or two women either.

  4. J.F.

    Not understanding why that is needed on map in a family park with lots of kids. It’s not necessary at all. Why not Mickey & Minnie since they have a new ride there. Why a couple or people at all? I understand the country is changing but let’s keep the diversity of advertising out of it. We are aware but it’s always thrown in people’s faces especially kids now.

    1. E.M.

      Straight couples get thrown in people’s faces much more frequently. Inclusion isn’t a bad thing.

      1. Bubba

        Straight couples are a bad thing? Next Mickey and Minnie will become transgender. Anything goes I guess.

    2. Manny

      Why should not kids learn about diversity ? Is there some fear about this would “change them”, which is about as ridiculous as it sounds. Secondly, Disney cares about $$ not race, creed, or gender identity.

    3. PS

      Do you think gay kids don’t exist? Are you visiting from Mars?

  5. roe

    Yes, a true Family place.

  6. Grace

    Anyone who thinks that gay people are bad or disgusting are judgmental and prideful. They presume that they know the “truth” over other people’s truth. That is prideful. Not something advocated by Christ.

    1. Mark

      I agree… Besides if you want to play the christian card thats those born again that are telling us we are going to hell for living anyways even the pope says its okay… love is love and its also 2020 almost 2021 people need to stop living under rocks! besides i am gay and i still see just 2 people holding hands so that to mean means nothing so whats up!?

    2. Dov

      Straight people are not showing contra natura behavior. That’s why even deviated persons call them “straight”. I respect all human beings but that does not mean I can not express my rejction to what I consider wrong the same way others do. What example are we giving to our children? Diversity can not mean abusive lack of respect to those who consider such behavior an anomaly. Our Lord loves us all but by no means approves what goes against His creation.

      1. Lolo

        I totally disagree with you but I respect that people have differing opinions. It’s the thing that makes the world interesting. You had me right up until the “abusive lack of respect” remark. How does this picture 1. Abuse you? 2. Disrespect you? as I believe it does neither. Some people are gay. It has nothing to do with you. You can not agree with homosexuality all you want but to label this picture abusive and disrespectful is far reaching.

  7. mark

    Get used to it. Are you still shocked to see interfacial couples too? We are all human. Humans have the ability to love each other.

    1. big fat momma harley

      I can’t be shocked because no, I’ve never seen an interfacial couple.

      1. Tad

        Senses Spa at Grand Floridian Resort give the best interfacials. Try the Citrus Grove Signature or Cocoa Enzyme, they’re to die for. And don’t forget the mani/pedi!

  8. Stan


  9. Caroline RN

    Well, I’m pretty sure the best thing to do is just represent humans how about that? or Disney characters. Actually, here’s an idea, have a map with well…. map features.
    Quit this arguing!!

    When I go to Disney all I really want to see is people, rides and Disney deliciousness!!

  10. Rebel orange bird

    Does anyone use a map anymore anyways? This is studios where you never needed a map bc the park is so small… but fine all complain… but my friends and i all do the same happy skip jump all straight folks but whatever!

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