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  1. Deborah

    My family and I were there November 20-28th. No issues at all with the Skyliner. In fact our preferred method of transportation at Disneyworld. We’re hoping they add Magic Kingdom and Animal kingdom in the future. It is swift and fun. The lines to get on are sometimes long, however, because the loading is quick, the line moves quickly. We have visited five times from southern California since Thanksgiving 2019. We only stay at hotels on the Skyliner route. We are heading back on April 2021. Especially since the California governor is keeping Disneyland locked down.

    However, I am sorry that the lady was stuck for so long. I am sure she was frightened.

  2. Nick

    The Skyliner was a bad idea from the start.
    Disney already experienced a failure with cable cars in the Magic Kingdom.
    They should have put the money and the effort into extending and upgrading the monorail system. Adding buses, boats, and vans might also have been a good idea.

    1. Karen

      Seeing that the Skyliner moved 10 million people in the first 6 months, seems to me like it had a great record & indeed was a great idea despite what Nick here is talking about.

    2. Erica

      Nick, I am sure that you have read the multiple accounts where extending the Monorail was cost prohibitive.
      I am onsite now and rode the Skyliner for the first time just before this breakdown. I honestly prefer it to the Monorail since it is continuously loading.

  3. Paul M Quarantello

    I agree with Nick. They could have used money more wisely and upgraded other transportation. As a former Disney Bus Driver, I can tell you some of the busses there have a million miles on them. Some of them leak at the windshield when it rains as well as some being up to 15 years old. You can tell the age of the bus one simple way, on the right rear side you will see a series of numbers, example 5436-08. The 08 is the year the bus was built, this case, 2008, 7789-12 would be a 2012.

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