Comments for Fans Urge Disney to Fire ‘Mandalorian’ Actress After Controversial Post

gina carano cara dune the mandalorian

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Jay

    Please stop perpetuating this. She’s a great actor and deserves the role. Heaven forbid she has an opinion.

    1. David

      For reals.. Its funny how every person complaining honestly must believe they are perfect and there opinion is the only one correct. Its oatheiric

      1. Dale Gulley

        Star Wars fans are not against her. Sick of this online bullying!

        1. Rachel

          Shame the article focuses solely on her bullies.

        2. Insane-O-Flex

          This generation has turned into a bunch of pansies that cant accept opinions an need a reason to whine and complain about everything. Disagree with someone’s opinion, let’s start a movement, thatll fix it.

        3. C. Risher

          Bottom line:


          Like it or not. That’s your call.

      2. Miriam Webster

        I believe you meant to write “their opinion is the only correct one.” How pathetic.

      3. Rozalen Pober

        Exactly! Trolls get lost! Both sides have equal rights to their opinions regardless of which side YOU support. This new world of online BULLYING is so sick.

    2. EricJ

      OTOH, if they replaced her with James Woods or Jon Voight, we’d be just as worried…


        It is so un- american to bash, bully or fire those with opposing views, religious affiliation, etc.

        1. Tracy

          Cancel culture at its finest. Dont like what she says? “Oh she must go! How dare she buck the status guo!”
          First amendment is all I have to day. It shouldn’t matter if I agree with her or not. She shouldn’t be canceled just because she does align with your own political view or if she takes a humorous jab at something.

      2. Jeff Riley

        People are entitled to their opinions, and so far as I know the First Ammendment still exists. It appears you are only allowed a liberal viewpoint.

    3. John Edward Owens

      Get a grip America. I totally agree with her but she doesn’t care that I do. It’s a freaking tv đź“ş show. Just hope she keeps going on and doing what she wants not what everyone is telling her to do. Remember Slavery you did what you were told so if you are saying for her to do that then you are being the racist in every step of the way. Sorry about that but everyone else makes everything racist

      1. Kai

        Everything isn’t racist but it does exist. Doubt it’s going anywhere anytime soon but eventually all things change. As far as the supposed lefts agenda, pretty sure all organizations have one. Right, left, Dem, Rep, Con, Lib.. all have an agenda. Just depends on which one you agree with. Or you may not agree with any of it and just want ppl to get along to further humanity. It’s a tiny planet ppl. Too small for all this in fighting.

    4. Jane

      What has happened that in American that someone can’t voice they’re opinion. Especially if it doesn’t agree with the left. Let her be.

    5. Aa

      Great??? Wtf

      1. Aaton

        The only people who want her gone are 5 people on twitter. The rest of us love her character and she is a good actress. You have Pedro over here causing actual real trouble no one seems to care. If he wants to go, let him, find a voice actor and keep going. I heard a rumour she was getting a spin off my family wod love that. I have little girls and she is exactly the strong type of female character that need to look up to.

    6. Rozalen Pober

      Exactly! Trolls get lost! Both sides have equal rights to their opinions regardless of which side YOU support. This new world of online BULLYING is sick.

  2. Michelle Anderson

    What’s really ironic is a runaway stormtrooper named Finn who was able to start thinking for himself and wanted to fight for freedom from the Empire which always wanted the grip of absolute control. This actress who plays in Star Wars is being told by people who want to control thoughts and voices with a grip of absolute control that she can’t speak her mind. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    1. Absurd punk

      The propaganda/cancel war continues. Fans dont have a problem with her, I didn’t even know about this so called offensive tweet until it was shoved into my face.

  3. FU

    No, no fans are pushing for this. Only stupid, misguided people who are not fans at all, and very, very few of them at that.

    Stop pushing this false propganda.

    1. Dar

      Like I said it’s just Twitter crybabies.

  4. BG

    If they got a problem with what she posts on social media why do they follow her?

  5. Jason

    Being on Twitter is not mandatory, nor is watching the Mandalorian. If you don’t like someone don’t read/watch. duh.

    1. Adrianne

      Well, she’s right. It’s refreshing to see someone in Hollywood hasn’t been duped by the far left agenda… but it’s very telling how people are treated when they speak out against it. Just another way to silence dissent.

  6. Derick Norviel

    What happened to freedom of speech why is hollywood the only industry that will fire some one for voicing there opinion

    1. Sue

      I hear you it’s gone crazy anymore you can’t say anything bc it might offend someone. Crazy. But I have noticed that if it’s something against the Democrats it’s wrong but the other way around it’s ok. If anyone or any show that should be canceled it’s the view.

      1. Lou

        Its like the situation with Chris Pratt. Dude is a good guy. His church doesn’t like the LGTBQ stuff. He so didn’t show up to a Biden event so Twitter wants to cancel him too.

  7. Jason Hathaway

    No Fan do not want her fire, a few loud mouth foolish social justice warriors who do nothing other than find stuff people do to be offended by want this. Most could care less about Star Wars. What they want is anyone with a different view point as theirs to be completely shut down and canceled. So ITM why dont you just pull this lame article and tell us something cool about Mandos rifle or the Childs hover pod, you know, like something inside the magic that the true fans would love love to read.

  8. J. Curran

    Freedom of speech you bunch of communists. It’s okay to not like what Gina may say but fire someone. Really. Knock it off. Grow up with your juvenile cancel culture. Stop trying to sensor people’s opinions & get a life!! This in America. You want censorship go to China & live there.
    Shes a great actress & a great fighter. Disney dont be pressured & let people tell you who to hire & fire.

    1. Georgie

      So agree with what your saying. This country is so changing and not for the good. Can’t believe it. !!!!!

  9. Gee

    OMG LET IT GO. If she does something dangerous on the set, or kills a puppy during a scene, ok she may have to go. But her opinions have NOTHING to do with her Mandalorian character. If we FIRED everyone for unpopular opinions, where would we be?

  10. Laura

    Nothing controversial there keep her

  11. I love the fact that countless liberal actors/actresses can be as crass, crude, and offensive about Trump and his supporters…but the moment one thinks differently and makes a comment against them…well got to cancel them. It’s an obnoxious and hypocritical standard we’ve gotten used to.

  12. Barb

    Stop playing politics Disney. We go to you for entertainment. That’s it!

  13. Barbara McCall

    Stop playing politics Disney. We seek you for entertainment. Nothing more. Blindfolds are off.

  14. Reef Tee

    I love Gina. She needs to stay in Mandalorian. Who cares what people tweet about.

  15. Peter B.

    What has happened to this country when people can no longer express their opinions?? We are a FREE country and we have been afforded the right to express our own opinions, whether you agree with it or not!!
    People can have differing opinions and still put those differences aside while getting along with each other. Just because you do not agree with what someone expresses does not make him/ her a bad or horrible person. It makes them a human being, NOT a robot.
    I see nothing wrong with what Gina said. It is her opinion about a situation where there is a ton of misinformation and poor leadership from our elected officials on BOTH sides of the fence. Lighten up people and just enjoy the show for what it is….entertainment!!! If you don’t like an actor, musician, athlete then don’t watch or listen to them. The better thing to do is put those differences aside and just be entertained!!!

  16. Mary

    There is nothing wrong with what she said. Don’t cave to the Karen Cancel Culture

  17. EDGe

    Communist China is larger than America in terms of movie industry revenue. This the movie studios are compelled to cater to the communist vision to make more money. I’ve been a SW fan since watching new hope as a 7 year old and hearing this complaining and cancel culture makes me sick. She is an American and has freedom of speech. Let her be

  18. Kathy

    Gina has a wonderful dry sense of humor. You guys are overly sensitive and need to get over it. If every time you shot your mouth off in a quip you got fired, you would be on the street in no time. Back off and stay off of her page if you don’t like what you see.

  19. James

    So because she has A difference of opinion she should be fired? That’s just plain stupid and intolerant. She posted nothing wrong. This cancel culture crap and online bullying is just disgusting.

  20. R

    As someone who voted for Biden, I am tired of these Gina Carano hit pieces that lack all journalistic integrity and merit. You’re like Trump, throwing anything and everything at the wall to see what sticks. Not every fan wants her fired.

  21. Charles

    Why is this a thing? Asking for a friend.


      It is so un- american to bash, bully or fire those with opposing views, religious affiliation, etc.

  22. B.H.

    Everybody has an opinion and she has a right to voice hers. If you don’t like what she said, then just stop watching but she doesn’t deserve to be fired!!

  23. Jason McMurtry

    They’re upset cause she’s not a puppet like all the other snowflakes who are offended by everything. If she agreed with the liberal and their agenda this wouldn’t even be news at all. I’m so over people wanting someones lively hood taken from them cause they disagree with an opinion. Freedom of speech!!!

  24. Tonya

    Tsk, tsk. Didn’t she learn in celebrity school that it is a “no no” to work in Hollywood without having your head rammed up Pelosi’s snatch?!?!

  25. Harry

    The only people pushing this are whiny democratic twitter babies who are unhappy with her not sharing the same opinion as her
    go on cancel culture do your worst because the fans of her character on the show outweigh you 1000 to 1

  26. Lisa

    Please leave Gina alone. She’s a wonderful actress and a good person, she should not be condemned for stating her beliefs.


    I like this lady more every day!

    1. Scott

      Constitional right to say feel voice.your opinion… (freedom of speech)

      If you don’t agree with her then move on…

      Why fire, blacklist, cancel or whatever for having an opinion other then your own?

      Is this who you want to be?

      Should we all conform to one opinion and destroy anyone that comes against it?

      Is that America?

      I’m sure this comment won’t be up long or at all… but in the off chance is does… really think about yourself and really question the people you follow and listen to…

      Don’t live life with blinders on. Open your eyes folks… think for yourself and don’t hate people for an opinion you don’t share.

  28. Sigurther

    None of these jagoffs are fans. They are the typical twitthead crybaby bully squad who don’t account for even the tiniest fraction of the fanbase. Those that complain the loudest spend the least and Disney will never make money off Twitter crybabies. Gina is a treasure and will continue to act in the show because the actual fans of it like her.

  29. Jeannie

    This is America and we all have a right to our own opinions. Her opinions are her own and she should be allowed to express them. This is what makes us different from the rest of the world, so whether we agree with her sentiments or not we should all be in support of protecting her right to do so!

  30. Jeff

    I see no problem with her post. She has a right to her own opinion.

  31. Mike Saint


    Uuhh no… The problem was Pedro calling almost half his fan base NAZIS !!! I stopped being a ban of the show and hope she gets her own series in Star Wars.

    Search YouTube commentators such as ‘Clownfish’ for the truth vs this TRASH this Leftist Jackal posted

  32. Todd

    So, you found five people, reporting themselves to be fans of the show, and lump the actual fans with them? Sigh. Fans do not want Gina removed. We want MORE of her character. Star Wars is fantasy, stop putting political bias into it.

  33. Daddy Piranha

    (Actor says voting for Trump may not be in their best interest)
    Sore loser repub: “Hey lib-tard, none of us pay you for yer opinyun. Nobody likes yer actin’ anyways so shut it!”
    (Actress says something that actively hurts other people but for some reason aligns with a conservative mindset)
    Somehow the same neocon: “Yes! ‘Merica! Free speech! Don’t let them silence you!”

    1. Nick Fury, Jr.

      LOL. The “actively hurts people” excuse is an outright facade. But I know one thing that DOES actively hurt, or KILL, people. ABORTION. How can you pretend to have a moral high ground when your side disdains actual morality in favor of ‘everything goes’ multiplicity. Full stop, dude. I’M BLACK, so don’t try the country accent thing with me. I’m college educated and conservative. And I LOVE GINA CARANO.

      1. Daddy Piranha

        They don’t have black people in the country? Things have really changed since I left…
        Oh, and caring more about a fetus than the 250,000 Americans who have already died because blowhard, anti-mask, anti-science, anti-reality conservatives want to follow a reality show star over a cliff? Maybe you country bumpkins haven’t changed that much after all…

      2. I think she should be allowed to share her thoughts and beliefs just like the rest of the stars and actors. If you fire her you should fire all the others who berated our president and his supporters they are fans also. These pansies are racists and self rightous bigots who want to control you disney. Don’t let them have control, if they don’t like it they can watch something else or leave. My friends and I will support you and their friends if you don’t give in.

  34. Chris Brown

    Carano is awesome. You’re perpetuating this “movement” because you hate conservatives. Especially unafraid ones. She has done or said NOTHING White supremacist, and I am more qualified than you to tell because I am Black. They better not touch her.

  35. Samuel Fayard

    Its America you’re allowed to have an opinion. Just stop t already. get a life and open your eyes to the real problems that need our attention and energy!

  36. Bob

    Just the Twitiots acting up again. It’s funny how people can choose not to follow someone on social media and yet proceed to complain about the people they disagree with. Stupid people.

  37. Robb

    Fire anyone/everyone contributing to cancel culture, as they’re clearly douche bags.

  38. Free speech

    My family have fought in every war since ww2 to the gulf war. They fought communism and tierney. They fought for people to say and think what they want. No person in this United States of America has the right to criticize any person! If you done like someone said, that is fine. But you do not have the right to demand anyone to be fired!!! If you do not believe the right to free speech. Then you should move to an oppressed country.

  39. lmariel

    Everybody has a right to their opinion and if you don’t like her tweet don’t follow her on twitter….that’s your right. It’s not your right to try and get her fired. That should only happen if she does not perform the job she was hired to do. As far as I know we still have freedom of speech in this country….even though the far left is doing it’s best to shut that down.

  40. Manny

    Is crazy how people are so sensitive these days. Everyone have the right to express their opinion. I don’t stop like an actor works why they think different of me.

  41. laurie

    I just followed her on twitter. I love people who aren’t afraid of the cancel culture.

  42. Brandon

    Apparently these cancel culture people don’t actually know the definition of “fascist”

    Simply put… do what I say and think or I will beat you or kill you until you believe and think like me. Or burn your cities down.

    And telling Disney to Fire this awesome athlete and actress because she believes this country is broken and corrupt is the definition of Fascism in practice.

    Learn your history people.
    It’s nice to see a celebrity actually say what she thinks and not what she is forcibly told to say/think.

    This country is doomed if these Cancel-Culture Fascist people are allowed to keep forcing people to think and do what they want.

    Learn history people. Get off your games and out of mommy’s basement and read a history book.

  43. LeeLooLaguna

    I am really tired of all the stupid opinion articles talking for everyone. Can’t you say some people and not ‘fans of the Mandalorian’. You don’t speak for me as I am always excited to see her on screen. She can have her own opinion.

  44. grossman

    Please stop perpetuating this. She’s a great actor and deserves the role. Heaven forbid she has an opinion

  45. Kevin

    Shame censorship. This is making it sound like they are in favor and spreading the idea of her getting fired for this. Shame on the author of this article for spreading just one more way of censoring people with opinions. Wake up america, it’s going to get worse. The media controls it’s people and they won’t let this drop. She is a great address and she does a great job on her roll in the show. What she does in her personal life is her business, not mine.

  46. Chase

    The best one was the tweet where the guy posts a screenshot from wikipedia about Parler they says that some people have posted far-right-wing things, then connects that to her saying to follow her on Parler, therefore she supports white supremacists. That’s a feat of mental gymnastics the likes I’ve never seen. The fact that any writer, even for some no-name entertainment blog, would think that credible enough to post is a testament to how intolerant the left has become.

  47. Jesse

    Only lazy trash papers ran by kool aid haired idiots are trying to get anyone fired stop lying no one wants her fired but you and your lame friends on twitter.

  48. Julie A

    There is this thing called free speech. Some of you need to research it!

  49. Deering Howe

    B/S, Star Wars fans don’t care what she said, she is great in the role. She didn’t do or say anything wrong. Snowflakes beware.

  50. Silver Wolf

    Get rid of her! Thus to all tRump supporters!

    1. Jen

      Sure, let’s just silence/cancel/exterminate all those that disagree with the dem/leftist ideology! Worked wonders with Stalin/Hitler! It’s your way or the highway. Way to go to practicing tolerance and to a lot support the Constitution, Bravo!

      1. Daddy Piranha

        Bet you supported James Gunn when the boogeyman “cancel culture” came for him? Colin Kaepernick? Hell, this week, did you support Chris Krebs when he got fired this week?
        It’s okay, Jen. You don’t need to answer. We can smell the hypocrisy from over here.

  51. Oscar

    You are pushing cancel culture. Now you are cancelled. I’m blocking all stories from this site, and writing down the sponsors I see to leave them angry messages with your website’s name.

  52. Jay

    Oh No… someone said something I don’t believe in …they must fired, tortured , and done away with… But I am tolerant and respect everyone’s right to an opinion…unless it’s different than mine.

  53. Das Chaunce

    How have we gone from, “Let’s cancel this person for being a pedophile/rapist” to “Let’s cancel this person because I’m a little butt hurt about a tweet.” I think her tweet is some next level stupid, but come on! Her fame on screen shouldn’t make her a slave to fans off screen.

  54. Michael Carbonetti

    I’m pretty sure she is the most popular Star wars female lead currently she’s great a total badass and one of the few female leads that fully exudes badassery. A couple sensitive people who can’t deal with someone’s opinion are upset online Gina’s amazing.

  55. Kai

    Everything isn’t racist but it does exist. Doubt it’s going anywhere anytime soon but eventually all things change. As far as the supposed lefts agenda, pretty sure all organizations have one. Right, left, Dem, Rep, Con, Lib.. all have an agenda. Just depends on which one you agree with. Or you may not agree with any of it and just want ppl to get along to further humanity. It’s a tiny planet ppl. Too small for all this in fighting.

  56. kelly jeanne

    Not only should they not fire her, she should get a bonus for being able to think for herself. Gimme a break with this “she’s supporting white supremacists” Ah the party of “peace, love and tolerance”

  57. Jen

    If Disney caters to this cancel culture crap (aka intolerance and removal of free speech) then we will cancel our Disney subscription and forgo any future Disney films, etc. This “cancel culture” has gone too far. This is not who we are as a country. People are free to speak their minds, have differing opinions – it’s what makes us FREE and it is something to celebrate, not “cancel.” This isn’t about politics, left, right, etc…it’s about remembering who we are as a country and to love and accept one another, regardless of opinion or political affiliation. Have an opinion and be proud to express it! Forget the haters, the cancel culture social justice “warriors” who are the real ones “spewing hatred” and sowing this divisiveness. We are all different and that is a beautiful thing! We are all entitled to our own opinions and expressing your beliefs does NOT make you a racist, transphobic, brainwashed robot simply because you see the agenda/propaganda being shoved in our faces everywhere we look. We are free thinkers and the minute our opinions are silenced/deleted/canceled is the minute that we forget what comes next and it is not something we as a country want to embark upon. History cannot be rewritten, it is there for all of us to study and learn from and I can only hope that we wise up and see the truth – and the lies which are blinding so many and causing a great divide and an increase in violence and hatred which is leading us down the wrong path. Love your neighbor, your family, your friends – no matter their politics, opinions, etc. tolerance must be practiced form all sides. There is not only one true way of thinking and remember this people, intolerance from the left of those with differing opinions will not bode well in the long term. Unite as one race, the human race, show kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and love. Much love to Gina for expressing her opinion and for not backing down. Such a shame that it takes guts to speak your truth and risk backlash by the willfully ignorance of the masses.

  58. Matt

    I think when she said the somewhat controversial things she said, she was trying to put a comical, light hearted spin on a heavy, disputed topic

  59. Geniveve Barber

    Love her character. Strong female. So she has an what. If she goes…my entire family goes. Five subscriptions. Get real Disney and stand up.

  60. Veronica

    People need to leave the show alone! Seriously come on.

  61. This is just another example of mob rule persecuting a conservative for having an original thought. When is it going to stop? If Disney dismisses her, her next call should be to an attorney.

  62. Erik

    What fans? Back up your article with quotes or stats. While I dont agree with what she said, many people support the opinion and she is free to voice it without fear of repercussions. Don’t compromise your ethics by making up stories even if you feel its justified somehow. Its way out of bounds.

  63. Anton

    Gina Carano, John Voight, Kristie Alley, Scott Baio & Roseanne Barr.

    Are any of these people still working in Hollywood?

  64. Matt Goodwin

    She has an opinion! Let it go! Just because some don’t agree with it doesn’t mean she should be silenced. If her opinions were associated with liberal philosophy this wouldn’t be a controversy at all. EVERYONE has the right to express his or hers opinion without fear of negative consequences.

  65. Michael

    While I disagree with her meme, there is nothing more wrong with it than any other pot shot political post. Everyone and I do mean, everyone… is getting so nuclear with their opinions.

  66. Brandon

    Fans also support her. In fact, most comments I’ve seen have been in support of her. Why isn’t that being discussed? The general consensus just didn’t grab anyone’s attention, huh? “Fans don’t mind celebrities having opinions” doesn’t pay the bills, huh?

  67. Ron

    So sick of hearing about this. She did nothing wrong and in today’s world I’m glad someone I. Hollywood finally said it. Gina needs to remain on the show and if you don’t like her then don’t watch it.

  68. John wick

    First Amendment : Freedom of speach. She is entitled to say whatever she wants whenever she wants and If she posted it on her Twitter account she has the right to say what she want as well. Just hit the unfollow bottom on Twitter and mind your own Daaamn business. I posted the same meme. Should I get fired from my job ?? These Daaamn sensitive flaky ppl grow some balls. She is a really good actress and Hot too.

  69. vonda keon

    so over the cancel culture group. get over yourselves and stop calling people out on social media ya bullies. shes got a right to her opinions. and there’s MANY Mando fans that are not trying to cancel her. grow up!

  70. Jorell Hernandez

    My main issue with the “cancel culture” is that there is no dialogue; no attempt to understand and confront or even change the mind of their opponents. The intent seems to shut down all interaction with your opponent rather than engaging them in any form of debate. They shun those with opposing views. And then they wonder why there seems to be a major increase of polarization of political views. What at first seems to be empowering them is actually an admission of defeat. If they can’t convince you they just ignore you.

  71. Jason rogers

    I think she should be allowed to share her thoughts and beliefs just like the rest of the stars and actors. If you fire her you should fire all the others who berated our president and his supporters they are fans also. These pansies are racists and self rightous bigots who want to control you disney. Don’t let them have control, if they don’t like it they can watch something else or leave. My friends and I will support you and their friends if you don’t give in.

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