Comments for Confirmed: Galaxy’s Edge Opens Attractions Prior to Park Opening

galxys edge


  1. Zachary Kelsch

    Mickey and Minnie was open right when guests were allowed in to the park. Seemed like star wars was as well. Was just there on Sunday and rode mickey and Minnie around 930

  2. Dr. Nigel C.

    And again… All of the Disney bloggers (and there are more than just 15 of them) keep clogging up the entire experience for everyone else.

  3. Christopher Cirino

    I was there for 2 weeks from October 28th to Nov 10th and all WDW parks were opening at least 20 minutes early and sometimes earlier. I rode both rides in Galaxy’s Edge and was extremely disappointed in Smugglers Run ,no Hann No Chewbacca no original characters to be found in Galaxy’s Edge which looked like Epcots Morocco pavilion with space ships in it.Rise of the Resistance was impressive but in my opinion Flight of Passage is better than both rides in Galaxy’s Edge. I actually enjoy Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway better than Smugglers Run. Kathleen Kennedy ruined Galaxy’s Edge and i actually have zero desire to return!

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