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Frozen 2

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  1. Rime

    Honestly, this isn’t really a reflection of Frozen II’s dominance so much as the dearth of soundtracks due to lockdown. Unlike 2014, where Guardians of the Galaxy’s Awesome Mix Vol. 1 was duking it out by the summer, nothing’s been able to have a blockbuster launch to stably knock Frozen II off its perch. Birds of Prey got stymied by the lockdown, Scoob!’s soundtrack got no buzz with the VOD drop, and Hamilton *would* be #1 if Cast Albums weren’t segregated from Soundtracks. It’s worth remembering that the first Frozen was dominant on the overall albums chart, the Billboard 200, for a whopping 13 weeks while Frozen II only managed a single frame. Even if you try to make it more apples to apples (Frozen led when the chart only factored album sales while Frozen II was during the time when equivalent track sales and stream units were included), Frozen II *still* only led one frame on the sales-only Top Album Sales list.

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