Flight of Passage Animatronic May Be Getting An Upgrade

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When Guests wait in the (at times) 4-hour line for Avatar: Flight of Passage, one of the most rewarding things about the experience is the holographic Na’Vi figure that floats in the giant tank. Unfortunately, Guests can no longer see the detailed Disney animatronic at the moment.

Avatar: Flight of Passage
Credit: Disney

Disney Guest Payton Malcom was visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom today, and upon waiting in the Flight of Passage queue, realized an essential aspect was missing!

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Payton asked, “Does anyone know why you can’t see the avatar floating anymore while you’re in the line for flight of passage?” Others chimed in in comments that the Na’Vi avatar was previously there the week before.

Credit: Payton Malcom

Although we do not yet know why the tank is missing, it is likely due to maintenance.

Another, more enticing, idea could be a massive hologram update. Disney recently filed permits for work in Pandora — The World of Avatar, as well as a patent that looked like it could be for the hologram avatar inside Flight of Passage. The patent was not confirmed to be for this specific Disney attraction, but it did mention that it was for a floating hologram, and how many floating holograms do you know at Disney?

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It seems impossible to think that Disney would be able to improve the life-like quality that the existing Na’Vi posseses, but if this maintenance removal is connected to the patent, Guests can expect to once again be blown away by the Flight of Passage attraction queue before hopping on their Banshee with the Na’vi.

Credit: ITM

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Would you be upset if the holographic Avatar was missing from the Flight of Passage queue?

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