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  1. Vickie

    Just another reason not to go. Stupidity.
    Yeah, let’s go to Disney and watch adults fight says every parent.

  2. Manny

    Now that Disney is announcing constantly and threatening expulsion form the park it might sink in with the less bright.

    1. I agree the less bright are the people who were masks that do nothing such as cloth surgical masks, gator necks and paper masks. These masks do virtually nothing for protection outside of occasional spittle. If you want protection look at the kind of protection that scientists and people who work with pathogens and diseases wear, like the type I wore for over 30 years working with viruses, bloodborne pathogens and waterborne diseases. What the government and local businesses, such as Disney, requires does nothing to protect you. From a virus the size of the Wuhan virus

      1. Yes!! It’s ALL about control!!
        NOT our HEALTH!!!!!

  3. Mark

    Your all a bunch of idiots you know that we wear masks EVERYWHERE & if you do not you will be once biden makes it mandatory!! May i ask those whom are fighting where you go where you do not wear a mask where you think sadly this is a wdw only rule??? Bc i can not walk out of my house and go somewhere wo wearing one. I went to other parks you wear one! So did i miss something?

    1. Piper

      So ur an idiot
      Biden CANT make it mandatory ha ha
      Masks don’t work it’s all a scam screw Disney hope they go out of business
      NO MASKS y’all a bunch of sheep Luke the CDC and WHI. Calls it “ heard “ vaccination y’all nothing but a HEARD of sheep
      SMH scared little sheep soon you’ll own nothing and be happy Biden going to try and take ALL ur rights away

    2. Andrea

      We no longer
      HAVE to wear them in Texas..
      You little sheeple
      Btw: biden is a bumbling idiot
      And so are you for voting for him

    3. Susan

      Biden tried that and most of the governors and senators told him to take a hike. So he mandated 100 days of masks in all federal buildings and he no longer follows the policy himself.

      1. Dani

        The word you’re looking for is “herd”.
        “Heard” is the past tense of “hear”.

    4. Private property equals equals rules. No matter how woke they are

  4. We no longer
    HAVE to wear them in Texas..
    You little sheeple
    Btw: biden is a bumbling idiot
    And so are you for voting for him

    1. Evan

      Gov. Abbott says you don’t have to wear a mask but with over 100 illegals being released daily into Texas from Brownsville alone, and many of them testing positive for Covid 19 (108 in the last two weeks in Brownsville according to KXAN TV) you may want to re-think that. Is Texas becoming the next petri dish, just like they claimed cruise ships to be? Are all those sheeple staying safe and healthy while the rest of the herd gets thinned out just because they wouldn’t wear a mask? One never knows, I hope it’s not you or your loved ones.

  5. Mey

    I believe it’s “herd”…:).. Some people just forget, or they think because it’s Florida, they don’t need it. Disney has always been quite clear. 🙂

  6. Susan

    Florida has a no enforcement of the mask. Therefore Disney is now violating a Statewide directive as well as HIPAA and ADA laws. There is zero reason to wear a mask especially outside. We all need to stop going there. Cast members including management need to stop this and stand with the guests. Throw the mask into the garbage where they belong.

    1. Kathy

      I will not go back to any of the parks until the masks are gone PERIOD!

      1. JZ

        A Kathy and
        a Susan. How appropriate lol

    2. Tad

      Earth to Susan … Earth to Susan, time to stop making stuff up. Florida recommends but does not require face coverings for the general public. Several cities and large counties, including Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Hillsborough (which includes Tampa), have mask requirements, but local governments are barred from assessing fines and penalties for noncompliance under a Sept. 25 executive order by Gov. Ron DeSantis. Private businesses and local governments decide for themselves. Disney can do what they want. Stop with the lies, no laws being are being violated. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) was created to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. Disney doesn’t want to know when you had your bunion surgery 🙂

  7. Pauline Navarro

    I will not return with my family until the absurd masks outside rule is dropped. Period. Inside, ok. I can live with that. But not outside.

  8. Alicia

    Anyone who thinks masks do anything should look at graphs comparing “cases” in masked and unmasked counties and states. You canNOT tell which one is which.

  9. Kathy

    I nearly passed out from the Florida heat with a mask on. I won’t be back to my beloved WDW until they lift this awful rule to wear them. I have done everything to”stay safe” and I got Covid 19! It was horrible! I am proof that those ridiculous masks do NOT work! In fact they cause many problems with zero benefits. Being able to breathe is key in my life. How about you other humans? Sheesh

    1. JZ

      I’ve done intense workouts inside with a KN95 securely strapped to my face. The problem isn’t the heat and humidity, the problem sounds like it lies with your physical state And I highly doubt you did everything to avoid Covid. I’ve got family and friends who have done everything within reason to protect themselves and none of them have gotten Covid yet. I got Covid because I kept dining out indoors even when I was told that wasn’t the wisest choice so unless you’ve been in a nursing facility over the last year and a staff member brought in Covid, either yourself or a member of your household Defn didn’t do everything recommended to avoid Covid

  10. Stan

    Disney is a private entity if you don’t like the rules stay home we don’t need you

  11. Ryan

    I do believe that their mask policy is a little stricter than it needs to be when it comes to what age is required. Disney requires kids to wear masks starting at the age of 2. That’s a little young and even health experts from the CDC have said there’s no evidence of kids spreading to adults. That’s why they’re now advocating to open schools.

    We live in Ohio and our state mandate is anyone age 10 and up. This is slightly more reasonable. However, our local Disney Store chooses to go above and beyond our state mandates and still require 2 and older to wear a mask to enter the store. Because of this, we’ve not been back since our daughter turned 2 last October. Our daughter will not keep a mask on. She will not even let it near her face. To be honest, I don’t even feel right masking our 2 year old, especially seeing the reaction she has to one.

    I think they’d be fine to raise the required age a bit, especially if they’re “following the science”. We know masks don’t protect the wearer and we know young kids rarely spread to adults, so if that’s the science, then what good comes from masking a toddler? It’s not protecting you or them. It’s just useless at that point. That’s mainly my only complaint about their mask mandate really.

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