Comments for More Furloughed Disney Employees Head Back to Work 

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Credit: Disney


  1. Frank

    Only 250 people got called back and we are celebrating? What about the rest of us and especially non-union people. I guess someone like me and never going back to work. Looking for new job.

  2. Yabbys

    I agree, Frank! And sorry you are going through this!

  3. Sebastian Hale

    I wonder when the Fairy godmothers-in-training and the Disney Park princesses will be coming back to work? I know someone who has two daughters and they look like they would make excellent Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique customers and the kind of girls who would like to get a hug from Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella 😍🤩☺️🤠😸🙂😃😌😁☺️🤠😸🙂❤️💙💜 in the Royal Hall 😊😁😀☺️🤠😸🙂😃🙂❤️💙💕💘🙂❤️💙💞🙂❤️💙💜.

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