Comments for Disney Gives First Update About Rides and Attractions in ‘Zootopia’ Land

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Credit: Disney (all components)


  1. Griffin Haley

    Despite the box office and sucess there will be no sequel. And Joe Rhode said that this doesn’t fit at WDW. This is true. I’m sorry

    1. Jimmy

      You don’t know that so please stop spreading rumors! There’s been plenty of information that proves you’re completely wrong!

      Furthermore Joe Rhode isn’t the CEO nor is he over park management in any sort of way, furthermore he is retiring! I don’t know how this rumor started that somehow Joe “earring” Rhode has ultimate say in what goes in ANY Disney park, he doesn’t! He is an employee and doesn’t run Disney! You can mark my words now that there’s going to be a Zootopia Land at some point in the future at one of the American parks!

  2. Cino

    This picture looks like taken last month. The progress is quite impressive as I can see clear difference every week.

    1. Jimmy

      Please stop spreading lies! Joe Rhode doesn’t run Disney and he’s definitely not the CEO or over parks! Likewise he’s retiring! Also no one at all has ever said there’s not going to be another film! You can look for both a new film and Zootopia Lands at other parks including WDW in the future I assure everyone!

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