Comments for New Disney Commercial Reminds Fans that “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”

Disney World Commercial

Credit: DLPReport on Twitter


  1. Christina

    Please give Rex Allen, Sr. the credit for singing this. I grew up with his narrations on the Disney movies. My absolute being Charlie the Lonesome Cougar!! ?❤️

  2. Vickie

    How about reminding everyone that great voice belongs to the one and only Rex Allen Sr. , the great cowboy singer and actor? He definitely deserves the credit.

  3. Robyn

    Beautiful message for this dreary year!

  4. Michelle

    Amen to the folks who said to give Rex Sr the recognition he so richly deserves. And he was also the Carousel of Progress Animatronics narrator. A voice, he once said, that put a lot of bread on his family’s table.

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