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  1. NoVA_Matt

    We have a 7-day multi-family trip to WDW coming up on Dec 12th and are watching all of this very closely before deciding if we go or cancel; we went from being relatively comfortable with the risks associated with the flights down and capacity at WDW back a few months ago, to now not being sure if either of these risks are worth taking right now. Very concerned and very much on the fence…

  2. Davis

    Capacity was raised for holidays ONLY as soon as jan hits it will be 25%!

  3. michelle collier

    Raise capacity , open hotels , bring in more tourists and announce on local news another wave of layoffs ….. so more people less CM’s , yep makes zero sense ….

    1. Lydia

      You know those whom were fired is an unneeded job! No cm thats needed was let go! They also had a choice! I did!

  4. SG

    Raised capacity? Three weeks ago we had to make a conscious effort to keep 6 ft away from each other in MK! They fully opened it! They may have markers everywhere but with all those people there’s no safe space. We regretfully ate indoors at MK and less than a week later first my husband, then myself developed cold or COVID symptoms – he lost his sense of smell for a day, 101 fever a few days. Took the COVID test a few days later (1st available appointment) & luckily it’s negative. Point is we caught a virus there, the ONLY place we had our masks off to eat in public. Never again! We just missed a potentially fatal virus. We are truly thankful this Thanksgiving. If you go, eat in your car, leave the park. In the park finding a place to eat outdoors, a problem, 6 ft from the next table, a problem. They did have signs on the tables but when we finally found a spot, a huge family sat near us and we were no longer 6ft apart. We continued to eat – what would you do? We’re halfway into our meals, no empty tables in sight – if you’ve been there you know what I mean. We also ate indoors with a reservation, mistake. They were better at keeping us apart but we’re still sharing the same air. So which restaurant did we get infected? Next time we’re eating at the McDonald’s near All Star Resort and getting meals to go at whatever resort we’re near. No more eating in public. Keeping marks on at all times. And it’s easy to sip a water bottle or straw under your mask, keep your mask covering your nose AND mouth at all times!

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