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  1. Aaron

    Thanks for eliminating the iconic stuff and saying it’s for Covid safety. No to fireworks but have cavalcade parades? Castle Dream Lights pose no health hazard. When you type in Disney at Christmas, you get the iconic Magic Kingdom castle draped in ice lights with fireworks in the background. Disney, your newbies for change simply don’t get it. They are blowing it. If they aren’t worth keeping the iconic stuff, they aren’t my worth my money. Just a regular amusement park.

  2. SG

    Right after the park reopened it was wonderful. Safe. No crowding, no lines. Now it’s awful. We’re APs and our last few visits were exhausting. Lines everywhere, admission, food, rides, even shopping! We’re not going back until Fast Passes return!

  3. Amie

    I Just brought my almost 2 year old for the first time and every day we were asked at least 20 times how old she was and to put on her mask. No 2 year old is going to keep a mask on. This began at the airport when the man checking us in at the Disney pick up refused to register us until she had her mask on, because he misunderstood how old she is. The dance party at Hollywood studios was a complete joke. You want people to dance but heaven forbid they get off their dot or their mask falls a little below their nose while trying to enjoy and dance/jump around with Mickey. This was by far my worst visit ever and will def not be returning until the iconic Disney returns. This is supposed to be a magical place of dreams instead of a constant nag to keep distant, keep your mask up, but yet buses have you sitting right next to each other separated by a flimsy plastic, calvacades where everyone gathers, and no sanitizing between the person prior to you on the rides. All in all, I am Very disappointed.

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