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  1. Ken G

    Overall I agree with you. The last ime we were at WDW was in 2014 and for us compared to Disneyland (our home park) because of it’s more spread out size it always seemed less crowded. We all know how many areas of Disneyland can become gridlocked during normal times, so a reduced capacity would be welcomed.

    However, as you pointed out Disney is a business and needs to make money. That means a reduced capacity (which is likely for at least another year or so) means less income and the only way to make that up is increased prices. Some of suggested changing the AP program or reducing the amount of visits an AP can make, or a permanent reservastion system. But that too will mean less income for Disney.

    Yes we want less crowds, but the trade off is higher prices. Simple economics.

  2. Cm for

    So it’s ok for Disney to not go back to full capacity as it’s a better convince to the lines of the crowds? Do you realize, how many jobs this has and will affect? This is a business, one of the largest businesses in the world. They just had a massive lay off and another one probably around the corner. So that magic you want, won’t be there. Do you realize how many cast members are affected for not being at capacity? You want to feel safe? When have you ever not felt safe at WDW? It’s the safest place around. They have always been constantly cleaning and sanitizing pre-COVID-19! But because you get a sky liner, or a monorail to yourself, it needs to stay that way? What about the 1,000s of jobs lost ? What about those cast members who moved here to be apart of your magical trip? We need Disney at full capacity, everyone needs magic sometimes. And they need the Disney pixie dust.

  3. LL

    We’ve visited WDW a few times during the 4th of July, a date when MK reaches capacity and entry is shut down. Never again! Even without social distancing its far too many people to get any enjoyment. WDW needs to reset what maximum capacity is in the future when the threat of Covid is in the history books. The parks only reach max capacity a few times of the year so any economic impact will be minimal or even spread out to different dates now that they are using park reservations. With the park reservation system, increased use of virtual or Fast Pass queuing, and a lower threshold of what max capacity is, even the busiest days can be manageable.

    1. SG

      Totally agree! Keep reservation system & reduce capacity for now!

    2. Dwayne

      100% this! It’s such a rip to go on 3-4 rides because of mile long lines. I’m not saying it should go back to being able to do haunted mansion 6 times in a row but waiting 1hr for every ride in the park (even the most unpopular) or more is not cool. I remember a time when there was an off season and one could plan to go then. Now it’s just At capacity all year round. That is not magical whatsoever.

  4. Pete

    Does Disney need to get back to the “100 %” they were before? No, but they do need to reopen more attractions and dining and other “people eaters” to accommodate the guest numbers and to get those guest numbers up. Those extra attractions and the like (think Dapper Dans) eat up the attention of people and give Disney the proper feel we all love. But they need $ and that means more guests.

  5. Donna

    I fear if Disney keeps the attendance percentage down, they will have to increase prices to keep a profit. I don’t mind the crowds, it make the visit fun. Agreed that FP need to return. But do not like the reservation system, do not understand it.(Star Wars). Seems too much stress as you first get to the park…..and I do not have an iPhone / smart phone. ?

  6. Dave

    To the idiot worrying about employment if there are less crowds, how many will be employed when there is nobody there? We went to wdw in early january, before covid.The parking was maybe 25% full. The crowds inside were ridiculous anyway. 1 to 2 hour waits for some rides
    Couldn’t get food if you were dying. I loved disney… never ever again. Because of crowds, you couldn’t pay me to waist hundreds of dollars to go stand in a crowd to maybe go on 2 rides a day. Huge waste of time and money. Disney has to have more people to make a profit, but 125000 in 1 park is not realistic, just profitable. As long as there are overzealous fools who are dumb enough to put up with it they’ll keep loading up.
    Disney is a really great waste of time, and even with their exemplary virus protections in place, it’s just a very unnecessary risk as well as an overpopulated waste of time.

    1. Emma

      Dave, if you despise Disney so much why do you bother reading (and commenting) on websites dedicated to Disney news? ITM has published numerous pieces about Cast Members being furloughed and laid off, presumably to garner empathy for their situation. Capacity limits mean less Cast Members are needed, can’t have it both ways. Keep the capacity limits in place until a vaccine is available. After that it’s nonsensical, just like Dave’s comments.

  7. SG

    As APs we usually go often. No more! August was terribly hot but so much safer! We had to take shelter from the heat, no problem – you can’t now theres lines EVERYWHERE. And sometimes our winters can have 80+ degree. There’s NO FAST PASS! Our last trip is our last trip. Park hopping helps nothing with lines. Admission needs to go back to 25% for SAFETY! And it’s only until the vaccines are distributed and cases drop!

  8. Brian V

    As said, I don’t think they should. It seems more and more that people forget that not operating at capacity isn’t exactly a winning business model. No, it won’t kill Disney World most likely, but this new notion that only allowing places to fill to half capacity is acceptable is insane. Half capacity probably pays half the bills!

  9. Corien

    Disney is a business and for the magic to be “back” (maybe not how it was but developed from the current situation with some shows and performers being gone, but new ones taking their place), Disney needs to be back at their normal capacity eventually. So yeah, they should go back, but not right now.

    I think Disney should only go back to this once social distance measures are safe to be lifted, because otherwise there just won’t be enough room in the park on busier days. And these measures can only be lifted if cases drop and the strain corona has on healthcare lowers drastically and all this stays low once measures are lifted. I hope a vaccine will help with this and Disney (and other places) can go back to normal capacity somewhere next year. But we’ll see how it’ll all go.

  10. J.

    Are you kidding me? Of course they should go back to full capacity! People need to be allowed to go back to work and take care of themselves. Crowding will be eased if they reopen the attractions/dining/shows that are currently closed or have restricted capacity. That will spread everyone out a bit more. I will definitely be glad to see the park reservation system gone. For anyone who thinks it is a good thing, just wait until you drop thousands on a vacation, and hours of time on planning your trip and find out you can’t get into the park you wanted to go to.

    1. Evan

      Use an affiliated Disney travel advisor (doesn’t cost you a dime) and you won’t have to spend hours planning, worry about what’s closed and how to make the most of your time at the Parks. You’re right, thousand$ of your vacation dollar$ need to be spent wisely. A good travel counselor will make sure that happens.

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