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Disney world Annual Passes


  1. Stan

    For Florida residents, the end of annual passes means the end of a revenue stream for Disney as I can’t imagine they will buy per diem tickets except on rare occasions.

  2. SG

    Until Disney gives the yes or no why bother to write about it! ?

    1. Nick

      Two reasons:
      1. Click/comment bait for the site itself.
      2. Public opinion monitoring. Disney has people reading various blogs/websites as a way to informally determine just how much patrons will or won’t accept.

  3. Matthew Brewster

    I am confident that, once vaccines and nasal sprays are put into wide use within the next few months, WDW will experience such a tidal wave of visitors that it will be have no choice in resuming normal policies and procrdures- including APs.

  4. William D Lenz

    We are DVC members, but if the do not offer annual passes we will be selling our timeshare. We will not pay more for a 7 day pass than an annual pass.

    1. Vanessa McAdams

      I totally agree. They are missing out of alot of revenue. I’ve been to Florida 5 times since the shutdown and only to Disney for 2 days because my pass expired and they would not renew. We have Sea World Annual pass and will be buying universal on this next trip. We are DVC members and I’m thinking along the same lines.

  5. Barry Moss

    I think the problem that Disney has with selling APs right now, is that if COVID gets bad enough (or there is a super-spreader event tied to WDW) they could get shut down again and then have a huge liability issue for those APs they sold. I’m confident that APs will return once vaccinations make a clear downward trend in infection rates. Of course, the wildcard here is that if there are too many anti-vaxxers, we will never build up the herd immunity to completely reopen things.

    1. Amy

      Thankfully Florida residents, as seen in Lake County, are lining up in droves and sleeping overnight to get vaccinated. Fl residents may be the safest visitors coming to the parks, assuming that continues at this amazing rate. (!!) I’m proud of our state! And I would buy 5 of them right now, if I were allowed, even at a higher cost!

  6. Cole Cir

    Personally I’m hoping they release annual passes in 2021. I think many people understand the consequences of buying one, but I’m sure thousands of people would be willing to buy if they released them ASAP.

  7. Adam

    My wife and I typically travel from Michigan two or three times a year. Which makes annual passes beneficial. This year the plan was to come down in October and discuss plans of a wedding vow renewal with one of the planners. We were pass holders in 2018 -2019. We were planning on the vow renewal in February of 2022. So we were waiting on the pass from 2019 and just going to get new ones in October of 2020. Being we would have planned to make several trips in between October of 2020 and February of 2022. Now that everything is on hold, I don’t know if we will renew at Disney. If we are able to start making plans then I would say yes. But, if I am expected to purchase tickets each time we come down and spend time at the resort, then probably not. I hope they can get this all hashed out. We are coming down in February 2021. It would be nice to know by then.

  8. Heather Gosnell

    My son is 4 and absolutely loves Disney. We are from Nc and we usually go 3-5 times a year since he was 18 months old. The annual pass really helped make this happen since I’m a single mother. We have a trip planned in March for his birthday and I’m hoping AP are available by then because we would love to start continuing our Disney traditions.

  9. Tamara

    For a senior living on a fixed income annual passes are beneficial for planning on spending money on other items in the parks. So we got a annual pass for Universal instead. Enjoying the savings there.

  10. Todd

    I can’t believe AP’s would be eliminated all-together. What do they do with Florida residents? The spend of an AP holder for the frequent visitor would be lost. My family of 7 have been AP’s holders since we purchased our first AP’s for $125 each. Living over 1000 miles away, we’d make the trip twice a year for 20 total days. Planning January, April, October and December trips in 2021, however, the cost of park hopper tickets for just 2 of our trips would cost more than AP’s for all of us. After awhile it gets to be cost prohibitive. It’s not that we can’t afford it but there are other places we can travel too for a lot less than a week long trip to Lake Buena Vista. Bring them back…your loyal visitors deserve that much!

  11. Justin

    Hope they do as we’re moving to the Orlando area in June 2021.

  12. Jo

    We tried “renewing” ours several times after they expired during the shutdown and have been denied every time. We just keep getting told that we have to buy new ones when they become available again. We refuse to buy daily tickets and won’t be going back until they let us buy an AP.

    1. Vanessa McAdams

      Same with me. Not buying daily tickets. I’ve been to Florida 5 times and will just have to pass!

  13. David

    moving to Florida and disappointed Disney doesn’t want us there any more..
    my wife and I have been married 46 year’s and have many times and now that we were going to buy passes now the magic has died

  14. Marybeth

    This is Horrible! I’ve been looking forward to living in Florida and being an annual pass holder for so long!! We finally moved to Florida and I’m soooo disappointed!!!

    1. Theo

      Me too, me too! Moved to Tampa in May at the height of the shutdown, and just been waiting to buy an AP ever since. This is majorly frustrating. I called about once a week after they reopened and they would tell me to keep checking back. Finally got a more definitive answer when I called in September, I was told they would not be selling them “before the end of the year.” So to me that means I want a new answer come New year’s day.

  15. Theresa Sachs

    New residents of Florida and BIG TIME Disney fans – looked so forward to moving here and getting our AP – so upset that we won’t be able to purchase 🙁

  16. Daniel Becker

    Well if Disney doesnt want to take care of the locals who take care of their guests when they want to leave Disney property maybe local businesses should stop catering to Disney guests to return the favor. Think most families can afford overpriced theme park food 3 times a day for 7-10 days? Nope they branch out to save a few bucks so maybe local businesses should start offering discounts to guests who stay at competitors of the mouse to send a message? I’ll start it at my business, discounted prices with proof of theme park tickets or APs to any Disney competitor!

    1. Sue

      Yup. If they don’t sell passes they figure they will
      Make more money. If you live here and buy a pass and go as many times as you want. They aren’t making money. So if they sell
      One day passes at a small discount they make more money. With Disney it is all about money. You see sea world and universal treat and give more discounts to people then Disney ever will. We had platinum passes they expired in oct. it’s cost us 2500. I don’t not renew them. And now I’m happy i didn’t. I wouldn’t go there again. Let all the tourist go. Bc they spend more money there and that’s what they want.

  17. Mickeba

    I live in Bellflower, CA, 19 miles from Disneyland in Anaheim. I have been an Annual Passholder at Disneyland for 27 years and today they notified us that they are ending the passes. Disappointing. They said they are working on “membership options”, whatever that means. Our pass last year, before the park closed because of Covid, was $1449, nearly 300 dollars more than Orlando and for only 2 parks vs. 4 in Florida. The “value” in terms of what we pay vs. what is at the parks has declined dramatically in the last 10 years and in the last 5, it’s been a terrible value. I am not a moaner who is a Disney hater. We can go to Downtown Disney and shop at World of Disney and other stores and that’s fine. Everyone needs to make money and I get that. I have been unhappy the last decade because it seemed to me that in that time, Disney purchased Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars and a decision was made that Disneyland Resort would simply be a ticket mill, where prices were continually raised and customers were gouged out at every turn. We saw little new merchandise as compared to Orlando because the company went to centralized purchasing and it was all done through Orlando and consequently, Orlando reaped all the benefits. I’m sure the new “membership options” will offer reduced discounts, some sort of paid parking component and there will be blackout dates for every program. This will succeed only in alienating core customers and making it harder and harder to make Disneyland pay. But, that’s just the way it is.

  18. Anne H

    We moved to Celebration from Virginia so we could visit the parks weekly. We still have annual passes but if they are going to discontinue the program we will probably move elsewhere. The only reason for moving to the Orlando area was to be able to have Disney outings be part of our regular life. What a kick in the face! Thanks Mickey!!!

  19. May

    Well I hope they do start selling annual passes again because me and my husband have had our annual pass for a couple of years now and we had a baby during the pandemic who’s 3 so for us to even go to the parks we would have to purchase a ticket everytime we go to any park and as far as for park hopping it would be out of the question with our toddler. We will probably end up spending as many times as we go to the park with our annual just on our toddler the whole premium of what we pay in a year for both of us. You don’t mind paying for a ticket for a special occasion. But this situation would limit us to going to Disney we’d probably just cancel our annuals if we can’t visit as often as we used too. Disney should allow annual passholders that were allowed to renew to be able to purchase annual passes for toddlers during the pandemic just a suggestion.


    Disney should definitely sell annual passes to florida residents!!!

  21. JV

    Due to pent-up demand and the 50th birthday of MK later this year, I’ll bet no AP’s will be sold until next year.
    I’ll bet virtually one will cancel trips this year due to no AP’s, and I say that as a DVC member who swings trips to maximize AP’s every 2 years.

  22. Dawn Saviano-Kahn

    As a DVC member I am saddened that I can not buy a new yearly pass.
    I did not renew my pass before COVID because I was planning on purchasing a new one in Spring and the floor dropped out. Please bring the opportunity to purchase new yearly passes. We love them.


    As long as Disney has more than enough people paying big bucks to get into its parks, buy its food and trinkets and staying in its hotels – which most passholders do not – why should it ever re-instate annual passes? It is all about the bottom line. Covid just gave Disney the perfect excuse to stop the annual passes. Unless there is something in the agreement between Disney and the state of Florida that requires the sale of annual passes I don’t see it happening. Disney may promote itself as “The Happiest Place on Earth”, but it is also one of the greediest.

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