Comments for Disney World Posts 2021 Ticket Info, Cost of Modified Park Hopper

Disney World Tickets 2021


  1. Park Hopper is not worth the extra money currently. You only get 2 parks daily (reservations required) and you cannot go to the second park until after 2. Additionally, you can’t go to park 2 if you skipped park 1. With parks closing early and transportation slow, I can’t see how it is worth it. I do not plan to purchase Park hopper again until Disney World is operating as it did in 2019.

  2. Tamara

    People don’t understand they’re still paying too much for far less!

  3. EMcG

    Park Hopper isn’t worth that price ever! Can’t enter 2nd park until 2pm. Not worth it to be waiting possibly over an hour to get on most rides. These prices most likely will never go back to what they were. What goes up never comes down anymore.

  4. roz pober

    I paid double in September 2020 what the cost will be for new park hopper tickets. I went when there were reduced park hours. Only 1 park per day. No fireworks. No shows. No meet and greets. No buffets. No park transportation between resorts except for 1 monorail. No cool food and drink choices beyond basic food items and those food items tasted awful. I gave so much and got so little from Disney at a time when they should have been grateful for my business along with others who endured a minimal experience. I hope they will be offering us some deeply discounted vacations in the future. Without us…they wouldn’t have survived.

  5. herpederpes

    herpa-derp. imma post neggative comment with erroneous info. derp derp derp LOL i’m mad and i don’t even know what i’m talkin aboot.

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