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  1. Thomas

    This is absolutely correct! Disney+ is okay, and serves a purpose, and during the current pandemic, whilst there aren’t any other options, it’s a lifeline, but when people start going out again and mixing and people don’t have to wear masks to the cinema people will start going out again and there’s a lot of lost revenue from cinema box office sales which is where the bedrock for Disney’s fortune has come from. There is no feeling like sitting in a cinema, phones off (if you’re not rude) and being immersed in a movie, an escape from the outside world. Movies like Mulan which were made to be seen in a cinema have lacked from not having that option, but when they are open again Disney could do worse than doing a dual release at both Disney+ and Cinemas so people can have the choice. And with vaccines on the horizon, people are itching to get out of the house, it’s unhealthy to stay at home for such long periods as we have this year, so there’s a huge risk attached.

  2. EricJ

    (Leaving aside that Motley Fool has a Fox News grudge against Disney, constantly predicting “disaster” for every news release…)

    Disney has a history of occasionally being so flattered by one unexpected trend that they put all their corporate eggs in ONE basket–Frozen, High School Musical–to milk it to the exclusion of the rest of the company.
    But the last time they actually tried that was the time ABC’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” was the hit trend, and Michael Eisner tried to strike while the iron was hot, and ordered ABC to show it seven nights a week. It didn’t end well, and somehow got mentioned ahead of at least half the other reasons the board voted him out.

    We’re just about at that point now with Disney letting the rest of their non-streaming business go hang, just to milk the Mandalorian.
    I don’t care how cute you think he is, Baby Yoda is the new Regis Philbin at the company.

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