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  1. Bob

    I’ve noticed in the parks as well, that social distancing is becoming harder to do even just walking around. I’ll be staying clear of Disney Springs and the parks during any holiday “busy” times.

    1. michelle collier

      Seriously , what do you expect? Weekends bring in more locals and add tourists back in the mix and you get crowds….all over the WDW pages are tourists talking about their vacation plans , so yeah it’s going to be busier.
      We are local we go during the day and weekdays … don’t want throngs of people don’t go on weekend nights….

      1. Casey

        No! There should be control! Limits! This is why we will be locked down again! And soon! I’m hoping after Christmas but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was before Thanksgiving! People need to be responsible, wear masks and be considering to others around them ! We are all about to be put in timeout for the second time in one year!

        1. John

          Masks have proven not to work. Let’s go back to normal and let this thing run it’s course. If you want to stay in then stay in

          1. RJ

            There is no evidence to back up your obvious lie. Go away John, you are as useless as Trump.

        2. Nick

          There are controls in place but some people seem to think it’s a moral imperative to try to defy those controls. And, there are limits for occupancy, those limits have been raised from 25% of capacity to 35% of capacity. The reason the parks seem more crowded is the fact that attractions have only “standby” access, no Fast Pass or single rider options. That means there is one line for each attraction instead of either 2 or 3 line. That reality automatically makes for more crowding and longer wait times. Plus, much of the interior queues have been abandoned and exterior space has been used in its place adding to appearance of the parks being much more crowded.
          Still, if you’re uncomfortable, please, stay home. It’s better for you you and everyone involved.

    2. sheri bayne

      Spent a week at Disney in July. Was very impressed with the control and cast members responses about jumping in where needed. November we spent a week at Universal and Disney Springs. Universal had noone supervising lines or masksbeing worn properly also could have used more sanitation stations. Disney Springs was pretty crowded but most areas well supervised. Most businesses had 1 entrance where you were required to use hand sanitizer upon entry. Only a certain number of people in at 1 time and designated exit. Went to Ragland to eat they are taking even more care. Once a table is prepped a cover is placed over the table setting and all food come out to the table covered to make it even safer

      1. Zen state

        There’s a definite difference between July and October. Disney Springs is crowded as well as ALL the parks. There’s also a difference between guests adhering to mask guidelines back and July and when I went a few weeks ago. I saw guests at both Disney Springs and Animal Kingdom without masks. I wasn’t happy about it. I would say if you are uneasy about the crowds then hold off. There’s too many congested area’s at DS and ALL parks at this time, especially if guests aren’t adhering to guidelines. Just stay safe!

    3. Covid kills – there is no cure, some get sicker than others, but avoiding catching it is the only course at this writing – masks help, but avoiding contact is fool proof – we go to Disney World yearly, but I wouldn’t dream of risking the rest of my life (or my family’s) to spend a week or two at Disney. All signs point to a vaccine being available soon – vaccines work (have you seen anyone with Smallpox or Polio lately) – and as soon as we have a vaccine I will welcome the opportunity to return to Disney

      1. DB

        Are we serious? At this point- I wish all that were so scared would just stay home. And those of us that used common sense could go out without masks. What a concept…..if you want to wear a mask go ahead – if you don’t, then don’t. Seems simple. If you are scared stay home. Pretty simple and straight forward concept. We shouldn’t ask all to change their way of life – if you are scared, stay home. Simple.

        1. Casey Reeve

          Do you wear a seatbelt?

          1. Nick

            You’re comparing apples to oranges.
            The use of seatbelts is an enforceable, primary or secondary law in 49 US states and 5 US territories, so, you are forced to use them, and, guess what, people die in transportation accidents despite wearing seatbelts every single day.
            What does that have to do with vaccines or Corona virus theater?

    4. Casey Reeve

      Tuesday and Wednesday are the best.. come see me at hardrock cafe! You will be impressed with the way we control things! The only place at city walk not owned by universal and you can tell;

      1. Nick

        Hey, I was just at the HRC a couple of nights ago and the environmental controls really are noticeably better than other City Walk venues. And, the service is far better than at Big Fire.

  2. Marlie Westervelt

    You’re letting the left-wing media scare you. People are packed in schools too. People are close in airplanes. We’ve been doing this at universal studios for months. There’s not a single piece of evidence showing that there’s any kind of an outbreak in the situations. If there was it was young people having parties wearing no masks. Just wear a mask wash your hands and be mindful of what you touch. There’s not people wandering around spitting on you or coronavirus just floating in the air everywhere you go. I’ve seen people wearing masks mowing the lawns. Wear a full body hazmat suit if you must. But we have to move on from this and get on with it. All this crap we’ve done so far as it made any difference. The virus is still there and it’s going to do what it’s going to do. Ruining our economy and people’s businesses and lives is stupid. If you don’t like it then you can stay at home.

    1. Ed

      Marlie NAILED IT!

      1. Zen state

        There’s a definite difference between July and October. Disney Springs is crowded as well as ALL the parks. There’s also a difference between guests adhering to mask guidelines back and July and when I went a few weeks ago. I saw guests at both Disney Springs and Animal Kingdom without masks. I wasn’t happy about it. I would say if you are uneasy about the crowds then hold off. There’s too many congested area’s at DS and ALL parks at this time, especially if guests aren’t adhering to guidelines. Just stay safe!

        1. Nick

          The system isn’t perfect but guests are even less perfect.
          That said, nearly every guest I saw at a Disney park or at D Springs who was not wearing a mask or wearing one improperly when I was there this weekend was corrected and warned. More than one individual was escorted out.

    2. Rene

      Bingo. Spot on.

    3. Ron

      100% right.

      1. Maria

        If this is so contagious then why or there still so many homeless people out there alive. Alot of the homeless are drug addicts, alcoholics and they don’t eat well or are social distancing. They are some of the most vulnerable people we have.

        1. Catmancer

          Do you approach homeless face to face on a daily basis like you do anyone else? People tend to avoid the homeless, so you’r argument is moot.

          1. Anthony

            I believe Maria is talking about the homeless not avoiding the homeless, they’re all camped together and there hasn’t been any outbreaks amongst any of them and we all know the media would be all over it if there was to keep all the sheep scared.

    4. Eddie

      Yup. You’re letting the media scare you. That’s why we have 175,000 new cases and 1,100 new deaths each day. It’s all a crazy media lie. Pack in without masks, folks, there’s no virus!

      1. If the crowds are a problem don’t go. This is holiday time at Disney it’s alway packed and on the weekends even more so. But if your scared stay home. And live in fear. People need to have fun we have stayed in the house long enough. Disney his alway crazy around the holidays. Like someone said listen to the media and you will
        Never leave your house.

      2. Db

        Free the Face!!!!

        Can’t wait to go to Disney in a few weeks and go to as many places as we can without masks. And watch- everything will be OK! RELAX! Take the masks off, you will be OK. Free the Face!!!!!

      3. Anthony

        Eddie nobody is saying it’s a lie. Most people are just saying that it’s not as “deadly” as the media and the left want you to think. It’s claimed the lives of .017% of the worlds population! It’s totally insane the damage that we have done to peoples lives by shutting down the economy. Over 40 million people have lost their jobs. All for a virus with an almost 99% survival rate. People die in car accidents every day! We don’t shut down the streets and highways and make driving illegal do we? Smoking kills hundreds of thousands of people yet last time I checked I can still buy as many packs as I want! If you’re part of the vulnerable group and you’re worried about getting the virus then yes, stay home. Forcing healthy people to quarantine makes no sense.

      4. Casey Reeve

        I want to give you a high five! Thank you! Be safe!

        1. Bill Esquire

          Tell who you would choose to die to restart the economy. You spout stats as if you knew what they meant. Your words only serve to prove how ignorant you are. You might be ready to sell your grandma down the river for the local steakhouse but I’m not. Taje your ignorant talk by to Parler.

    5. Howard in PA

      It should be choice. Go and celebrate and be stupid….Everyone else just avoid the crowds….Pretty easy ….

      1. Rob

        Based on my visits this year, the best times to go to Disneyworld are:
        A. When people think they could die and are still afraid. (Seriously, we walked onto every ride, all day, back in July)
        B. When people may think a hurricane is about to hit. (We had short lines Weds and Thurs this last week)

        Granted it was 3x busier this week compared to July but still fun. It’s time to bring back fastpass and split the day into two shifts. 9-3 and 4-10 for all parks. Pre-schedule every ride with fastpass. A family could hit two parks a day and ride every ride.

    6. JS

      Your bad decisions are destroying the country for the rest of us. This is now out of control, thanks to hear-in-the-sand buffoons who think this is all a hoax or no big deal. Lockdowns are coming, as are thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths. Every day there will be thousands of deaths. At least you got to play brave and ride space mountain. Yeah, that was worth it.

  3. Sam

    I love it. Stop lettimg media and the dems scare you. Its a virus and its job is to spread. If your scared stay home that’s a choice you can make. They need to get rid off all mandates and let people decide for themselves.

    1. Eddie

      Your ability to “decide for yourself” stops when you come into contact with anyone who chooses not to engage in stupid, high-risk behavior.

    2. Rob

      Let us know when they appoint you mayor of Dunceburg. You’re winning the race.

    3. Interestingly, the most infectious period with Covid is before the symptoms appear – while you have “rights” harming others isn’t among them (well illustrated by “you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater”. At this point should your actions infect others you would find yourself saying “I didn’t know the gun was loaded” -not a valid defense. Wear a mask, socially distance, and wait for the vaccine

  4. Matthew Vinson

    People are complaining about the crowds. Yet, THEY ARE PART OF THE CROWD!!! if you don’t like it be a part of the solution and leave.

  5. Walt Disney

    Clearly the above comment ignores science and they can’t understand basic concepts of this pandemic, which is on a record rise again. Yeah Sam, get rid of the mandates as we are seeing the highest infection rates, deaths and hospitalizations to date. It’s people like you who are preventing the economy from going back to normal. Fools who won’t wear masks and social distance. You must be very lucky to not know anyone who has been killed by Covid. Just do the right things and stop with your bs personal choice crap.

    1. DB


      Enough with the fear. If you’re scared stay home. Let the rest of us live our lives as we choose. Again- make the choice and stay home. You can even wear your mask at home if you want. It’s your choice. Can’t wait to run around Orlando without a mask! FreeTheFace!!!

  6. Jojo

    Actually have reservations already for an entire week, so no the crowd is not going to turn me away… Life is too short to hide in my house… My son passed away this year and I wasn’t allowed a funeral, so no one will be stopping my trip to celebrate his life and love if Disney. Not even crappy posts of people participating themselves and calling other people out… That’s just plain stupid btw. It’s like expecting Disney to be there for you and you alone… Umm yeah, other people want to go too. Thanks for the info though, I will enjoy the snow. Namaste

    1. Gencha

      Jojo, I am so sorry for your loss. Wishing you a wonderful trip to celebrate your son’s life and of course, Disney. None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. Live well.

  7. Meghan

    It’s proof that wearing masks WORKS! If masks were required in all public places; which they should be the numbers would not be rising as much. It’s so logical and is not a big deal to do. Wear a mask in public and life will get back to normal! The democrats are right about that & WDW is proof it works

    1. Ron

      This is like saying the sign in my yard that says “tiger repelling sign” keeps them away. I sell them for $20, by the way.

    2. Nick

      Actually, the most highly Democratic states on the west coast like CA, OR, & WA, which supposedly have high mask adherence, seem to be the states experiencing the highest surge numbers.

  8. Kathleen

    Good. If you’re sick stay home. If you’re scared stay home. This nonsense can’t continue. You are more at risk for death or permanent injury just getting in your car. Live life! It’s short and I know very well so don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    1. Joe

      You don’t know what you are talking about. Also Biden won!

    2. Gern Blanston


      You are more than welcome to not wear a mask but you are not entitled to dictate what a company is allowed to make rules about. If they don’t want your unmasked face around they are allowed to refuse service.

      PS – You don’t know what you are talking about!

  9. Ron

    This is mostly due to the restaurants and quick services mostly all closing hours before the parks. There’s nowhere to freaking eat down here when you’re in the park. These ridiculous social distancing requirements are having restaurants, the few that are open, running at half capacity making reservations nearly impossible to get.

    if they want to increase crowd capacity they darn well that are open up more restaurants and keep them open longer at night.

  10. Ron

    Spot on, this nonsense has to end. I get it that some of the germophobes are living in their dream world right now but the rest of us need to go back to normalcy very soon.

    1. Eddie

      This “germophobe” usually takes three Disney trips a year plus four or five pleasure trips around the U.S. or to another part of the world, plus five or six business trips every year. At this point, nothing could get me to go to Walt Disney World *especially* after reading these comments. How did people turn so … stupid?

      1. Eddie sucks

        Eddie, you are the worst.

        1. Rob

          The worst is people proclaiming the people getting sick and dying of COVID are casualties of a political stunt.

          1. Anthony

            Yeah I don’t like the democrats either.

      2. Nick

        Hey, what does being well traveled and, apparently, well off have to do with being a germaphobe, or not?
        No matter, good of you to forego adding to the crowding at Disney World, thanks.

  11. Maria

    If this is so contagious then why or there still so many homeless people out there alive. Alot of the homeless are drug addicts, alcoholics and they don’t eat well or are social distancing. They are some of the most vulnerable people we have.

  12. Christine

    We loved seeing more people at Disney!! How can we expect them to keep up the Disney magic if they can’t operate at full capacity? I want them to do what they need to in order to stay open, and bring back all the magic ❤️

    1. Peter

      Well, maybe not QUITE full capacity. You cannot do anything but wait on lines…..

  13. Stitch0922

    There are thousands and thousands of deaths everyday from car accidents, work accidents, and cancer! Do we all run scared when we see a car accident? No!! Why? Because stuff happens and you can’t run away from it. This is life and I refuse to live my life scared that I may catch a virus. I’ve been to disney multiple times since this has started and hell I went to the bahamas on a cruise also and nothing happened to me, not even a sniffle. I am so tired of hearing wear a mask it will keep you safe. No practicing proper hygiene like they taught us in kindergarten will keep you safe. No one freaks out over the flu and I’m tired of people freaking out over this virus that you may or may not contract. I for one would go to disney without a mask, without social distancing and without a care!! I am excited for my birthday trip this weekend!!

  14. J.

    Great news to see people getting back out again, more people able to work because of increased capacity and normal life returning. If you are worried about it, stay home, it is as simple as that.

  15. Peter

    Damn the masks, that is all I have to say about it!

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