Epic Disney Slippers Make Magical Christmas Gifts

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disney slippers

It’s starting to get cold again, and you know what that means; Disney slippers!

Yes, what better way is there to keep your toes warm over the winter period than by wearing designs inspired by your favorite Disney characters.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the must-have Disney slippers this Christmas. We’ll warn you though, some of these are so cool you may end up buying several pairs!

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Head to Truffle Shuffle for these awesome Sully slippers!

disney slippers

Let’s start with a pair inspired by Monsters Inc. These Sully slippers from Truffle Shuffle are sure to keep your feet warm over the holiday period. You can pretend you’re the top scarer at Monsters Inc. and stay nice and warm with this fun product. The slippers retail at $28.33.

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Vanilla Underground boasts an awesome array of Disney slippers

disney slippersdisney slippersdisney slippers

disney slippers

Vanilla Underground has got several stylish slipper designs that are perfect for a relaxing bedtime. However, if we had to purchase just four, it would definitely be these! Each one contains some of our favorite characters and adds a little bit of magic to your feet. They come in several sizes, including kid sizes.

The Minnie design is particularly lovely, with a sketch pattern that really fits one of Disney’s most beloved characters. However, if you’re like us, it’s all about the Genie slippers! How cool is that?

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Superb Loki slippers available at I Want One of Those

Have you ever wanted to feel like the God of mischief while slumping around the living room on a Sunday morning? If the answer is yes, good news! I Want One of Those is offering these incredible Loki slippers (complete with helmet horns) for just over $17.00! In terms of Holiday gift purchases, you can’t beat these amazing Marvel slippers. They’re the perfect stocking fillers!

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ShopDisney is the place for Disney slippers

Of course, you can’t beat the official Disney store. The online shop has several magical slippers to choose from, but these were our favorites. The Buzz Lightyear boots are undeniably the coolest and will make any kid feel like a Space Ranger! On the other hand, we can’t get over the delightful Frozen inspired slippers, which will let any kid live out their fantasy of becoming Elsa!

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Which of these designs is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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