Comments for When Will Disney Bring Entertainment Back to Life at Disney Parks


  1. rdd

    Without all the Disney entertainment, these parks are really not much more than a cleaner Six Flags with less thrilling rides.

  2. Lydia

    Most of us have been fired but its almost like a hold… meaning with time we have to reaudition anyways so we can do that and get our parts back some of us chose to wrk around the parks be characters or just like me i am in guest relations but once shows are okayed we can go back as long as we pass reaudition! Though i really enjoy GR and might stay here i get paid better here and everyone is so nice! Ent is very hard N your not really hired by disney your hired by disney through equity! And they have more important things like broadway so i understand wdw was not #1. But i am happy disney gave us options.
    Please remember our #s in fl just keep going up the world is going up and the parks not just disney want us to stay safe shows that go on are bc they do not have as many cast members on stage disney does! Just think about that before asking this ? Again.

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