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  1. Jamie

    I always thought Disney+ was supposed to be a family platform channel. R movies should be on the sister channel Hulu. Kids don’t need to have access to R movies. Let them be kids.

    1. Walt

      Perhaps parents should monitor and control what their children watch. That seems preferable to a blanket censorship.

      1. Jason

        Shocker….you mean to be held accountable???

      2. Barry Borst

        Awesome on the R rated movies. If that lady above has a problem with that, tell her siame street and big bird have g rated shows for her Amish children. Lol

      3. Brandon Collins

        This is great. And I fully support this. We as adults should have fun too with the films we love. So yes. Add the Adult Section and make us happy.

    2. Jessica

      Isn’t that what parental control settings are for?!

      1. Lr

        they should R rated movies so the whole family can enjoy Disney Plus

    3. Chris Wood

      The parents have control of what they should watch.

    4. Wyn

      Disney+ is not a babysitter, manage your profiles for kid appropriate things for them to watch

    5. Kathryn Muniz

      Another way for them to get our money!

    6. Jack

      What about adult humors in Kids movies. Frozen how big is your foot. What about Happy feet showing how babies come out also the song about they come out to.

      My sister was 5 years old. I let watch teens shows and live action and zero G rated and cartoons. Teens and family sitcom and action is better for her.

  2. no

    It’s not an “internal” streaming service. It’s an international streaming service. And it’s got nothing to do with Disney+. It’s a separate streaming service that may be bundled with Disney+ just like Hulu and ESPN are in the US. So no, that “adult content” won’t be coming to Disney+. It will be going to Star service internationally. Like more mature content in the US goes to Hulu. Since there’s no international Hulu, they’re using the Star brand.

  3. Barry Borst

    Awesome on the R rated movies. If that lady above has a problem with that, tell her siame street and big bird have g rated shows for her Amish children. Lol

  4. Walt Disney

    Read the article, this is a separate service.

  5. Renee Smith

    Disney+ should always be kid friendly and not offer R movies.

  6. Edward Amarille

    Parental controls, learn how to use it in your home, don’t force everyone else to have to settle for kid shows just because you are too lazy to turn on a setting.

    1. Cool mom

      You are rude i don’t see a parental control on Disney+..I have 4 kids its impossible to watch them all every minute was made to be Disney. You can get adult content anywhere else..even Netflix has with the first lady..yall dicks, let Disney be what it was made for

      1. M.E.L

        Disney+ doesn’t have parental controls because they don’t have these movies YET. When they get these movies, parental controls will be available. Use your brain. Yeah, other streaming services have adult content. That’s not the issue. The issue is that many franchises that we love aren’t on any streaming service, like Deadpool for example. Disney wasn’t made for kids, it was made for animation and imagination. It was never strictly for kids. It has ALWAYS been for everyone, so Dosney+ adding more mature content with parental controls just makes sense. Sorry you can’t control your kids, that’s on you.

  7. Captain America

    Sorry. But anyone making the argument that R movies should be allowed on disney plus probably do not actually have kids. To have a streaming service that doesn’t require a parent to constantly monitor what a kid chooses to watch on it is a huge selling point. Plus there is plenty on there for adults to enjoy as well that isn’t R rated. Also, if you read the article, you’d realize they aren’t even actually bringing R rated movies to disney plus, but a separate new streaming service, so your argument is pointless in literally every way.

    1. M.E.L

      No one cares about you or what’s easier to manage your goblins. Be accountable and be responsible for your kids. Disney will do whatever makes more money, and newsflash, adults make money, not kids.

  8. Chris Wood

    Well disney is in the business of making money. Thus making more mature movie is go for business. There a parental controls. I’d like to see a serise on the alien back story.

  9. The New Order

    1. Always good to proof read before posting articles… “International” was likely auto-corrected to “internal.”
    2. Star will be the international distribution service like Hulu is in the U.S.
    3. It is okay to want a service safe for families, just as it is your prerogative to not desire it. No need to attack the other. Those of you engaging in such combative behavior are acting like a bunch of bots. Chill. Time to make the internet civil again.

  10. Kathryn Muniz

    Another way for them to get our money!

  11. In addition to the “Alien” franchise, the “Predator” franchise and “Grey’s Anatomy”, will the new streaming service Star also have the “Planet of the Apes” franchise, as well as classic shows like “Desperate Housewives”, “Lost” and “Revenge”?

  12. Tim Gildersleeve

    I know it’s only been talked about for international launch, but I think THIS will be the option to add in the US, for more mature content that’s also parental controlled. Makes the service more valuable for people to renew as opposed to cancelling after Mandalorian ends.

    I understand why current seasons of ABC etc shows are on Hulu with the back catalog that’s been licensed, but I’ve never understood why Disney+ haven’t added old sitcoms, etc that they have rights to.

  13. Jack

    So no R rated movies on Disney plus. Ok no problem.

    What about Netflix has bunch of Rated M content that age 7- 12 years can watch on there iPad and iPhone. Yes kids have iPhones Snapchat Instagram those are worst then R rated movies.

    Even a 3 years old kid knows tiktok and the difference between kids YouTube and official YouTube. They like the official YouTube more.

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