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  1. Ken G

    While I appreciate the sentiment of this girl, I’m not sure it’s warranted.
    I don’t quite know who are the “12 official Disney princesses”, but if that goes all the way back to Snow White than to me if 5 out of the 12 are ethnic that is a remarkable ratio! Just what percentage would satisfy her?
    Going back to the mid-90s with Pocahontas I think Disney started on the track of being inclusive, and when you add Pixar in I think over the last 20 years perhaps more than 50% of the main characters have been “of color” (mainly female characters, less so for male).
    So I don’t get her concern.

    1. Jennifer Gaines

      I agree. This was my thought but you stated it so well. I think Disney has done a great job of having diverse Princesses and other characters.

    2. EricJ

      At this point, with Jennifer Lee running Disney, “Diversity” would be the change-of-pace of having a protagonist who’s NOT a lone fiery-spirited independent ethnic girl.

      Ah, the 90’s-Renaissance days, when nobody thought twice when John Musker & Ron Clements gave us Aladdin, Hercules, and Jim Hawkins…
      And Wreck-It Ralph was the 10’s Disney Renaissance before there ever was a Queen Elsa.

  2. Darth Analysis

    Let’s see, we’ve already got TWO Native Americans (poor Tiger Lily); one princess is an unidentified race from a lost undersea mythical city; several princesses are half-fish; there’s an anthropomorphic lion cub and don’t forget the talking bug. And technically, Bambi’s girlfriend is probably a… something.

    So, yeah, Disney show a little diversity, would ya? More likely, the old folk’s home should be writing complaining about ageism. Most of these gals are under 25 and pretty hot for their species.

  3. Stan

    And when she gets to be older and a new generation of kids don’t like her choices and want what they THINK is more ——. (Fill in the blank for your choice) then she will know why we think disney can’t pander to every child who has a thought about what makes things “diverse.”

  4. Gina

    That ratio is almost 50%…..lacking only one. And that one is a fish. I think that’s not so horrible, so what is the problem? I know, the problem is the need to wipe out all white males from anything or making them minor, weak and sometimes disgusting characters seems to be the goal here.

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