Comments for Disney May Reconsider Jack Sparrow Role If Depp Wins Retrial

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  1. Ginny Griffiths

    Disney wind your neck in and sort the issues you have with Johnny he materialised that character and no 1 else will ever be able to do that.bring him back for the 6th film it’s a must jack sparrow what a character. And give honour back to a superb talked actor.

    1. Jaana

      Rooli kuuluu Johnny Deppille,

      1. Dawn

        Pirates of the Caribbean won’t be the same without Jonny Depp. I won’t even consider watching a 6th movie unless Jonny is in it.

        1. Sammy

          I agree with you for sure!

        2. RF

          His ex-wife admitted in court that she was abusive to Depp. When are all the movie makers going to ostracize her? What good for Depp is his for her.

        3. elizabeth torres

          Johnny Depp was the victim. Any actor can play the character Jack Sparrow, but Johnny Depp becomes Captain Jack Sparrow in a blink of an eye. You need to Believe, Breath, Drink and become this character 100%. If you cannot be 100% Captain Sparrow, then we have no movie. Only one person can be Captain Jack Sparrow 100% 24/7 and that is Johnny Depp. Please Sir/ Madam take Mr. Depp back. You will not be disappointed in this decision. Thank you for your time.
          Elizabeth Torres.

    2. Nancy Beneduce

      Very well said & I agree. Currently my family has BANNED Disney till they bring Johnny back as Capt. Jack!!

      1. V'léOnica Roberts

        XLNT! Save Pirates 1-5, No disney film will be shown at my residence either.

        1. Soldiers11M

          I hope John tells them to F@&# O#$ or pay him

    3. Fran

      Not watching movie with our Johnny Depp cause he makes that movie . If Johnny does decide to come back after the way you treated him . You should have believed in him like his fans do . Fran

  2. Suzanne

    Refuse to even consider watching another Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Disney is very disallusioned if they think they can take away the actor and character that made these movies.

    1. Alice C Boria

      So. he can be a wife abuser druggie and randomly disregard laws and folks still want to see him act and earn millions of dollars. He’s all washed up. They could get someone to be the son of jack Sparrow or can it

      1. Scott Robinson

        That makes absolutely no sense, everyone knows she lied about him. if she was telling the truth she would not have been so quick to run to a newspaper but not the police and say she didn’t go to the police because she was scared for her life, I mean that makes zero sense when you think about it. what protection is a pen wielding reporter going to offer you that a gun wielding police officer can’t in regards to someone trying to physically harm you?

        1. Brian Bowes

          It’s simple keep jack sparrow or jack the series in
          As for weather he abused her or she abused him get a lie detector and accept the result or forget it
          But either way the courts will always side with a woman so you will never get the truth

        2. Julia

          How much money did Johnny Depp make for Disney? Playing that character ? He’s the face of the franchise.

        3. April Gallardo

          Right on!

      2. Anthony

        Do I want to see him act and earn millions of dollars? I sure do! Especially if it’s in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I don’t care what anybody does in their personal life, it’s none of my business. And even if it is true, I don’t think anybody wants to forever be judged or remembered for the worst thing they’ve ever done in their life . . . including you alice!

        1. Roberts V'léOnica

          Well said!

        2. Jeannine

          Yes you are correcy

        3. There IS only one CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow…I don’t even need to mention his name.
          I will not be watching ‘Pirates 6’ without him playing the part.

      3. Kerrie

        Oh Alice so easy to just believe media. No evidence supports what your saying amber and her stylist have both said she painted her bruises on and in many audios ah admits being the one to starting physical fights. He’s not a wife beater. No one is saying he’s perfect. He hasn’t broken any laws. Ah broke an Oz law and third parties all testified she was the abuser not Johnny maybe do some research before writing slanderous comments

      4. Pamela Six

        His personal life should be just that. Who, in this world of sin and hatred, doesn’t have something that they are ashamed of? I say give the man his job back. Who are WE to judge someone on their personal life? His home life is none of our business and indeed… we would know nothing about it if the news media didnt push it in our faces. Everybody needs to get over themselves. His bs is NOT our business.

        1. April Gallardo

          Your right

      5. PB & Jelly


        1. Michael O'Connor

          Live and let Live, none of are business what he or she did, or does

        2. Chloe Vella

          Pirates of the Carribbean won’t be the same if Johnny Depp doesn’t play the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. He altered the character in a way for the audience to understand and get more hooked up on. No one could pull that off but him! There is only 1 Jack Sparrow and that is Johnny Depp ❤️

      6. Tracey Whiteside

        He is not a wife abuser. It was proven in court that she beat him, even her own sister testified against her. The case that J.D lost was a libel case against a newspaper that I wouldn’t even use to line the bottom of a parrot cage. A libel case doesn’t prove any guilt on his part.

      7. atami

        Since his ex wife took a dump in their bed does that make her amber turd? Drama queen takes a dump in your bed she’s gettin pu ched lol

      8. Halley

        Alice,you are in wonderland

      9. Majim

        Me too is over abused.

      10. Wendy

        Alice until you hear all the evidence Johnny has against his ex, husband beater, Amber has an arrest record for hitting her ex-wife and is known to beat her own sister, maybe you should keep your tabloid bs to yourself.

      11. V'léOnica Roberts

        So your judgmental, believing vile accusations, taking the side of some one who’s holding a grudge. You simply take her side without proof. You disgust me!

      12. Diane

        He is not a wife abuser they both played tit for tat on that she was more abusive than him but apparently you don’t have an issue with that I hope he comes back to the pirates franchise I myself will not watch anything without him as far as pirates of the Caribbean

      13. Ivanna

        Research before saying such things, there is REAL evidence showing that he is victim of abuse, there is tons of it! Amber even was arrested because violence against her previous girlfriend… And all the ex girlfriends and wife of Johnny had said that it is imposible, he is not the abuser.

    2. Valerie Shae

      Jack Spartow was and is Johnny Depp.

      1. Syl

        Johnny word gewokn kapot gemaakt door Amber Heart laat zei maar op der tanden bijten .
        Johnny is Jack Sparrow
        Geen Jack.dan zal ik dus ook geen Pirates of the Caribbean

    3. Amber is a PIG! She abused Johnny and she gets off Scott free??? DISGUSTING!!! I also signed the petition. She is a dirt bag and Johnny is an icon!!! Go away Amber! No one will miss you!!!

    4. Cindy Austin

      Ok if they replace him with someone else and I won’t watch the movies. Johnny owns that role!

  3. John

    Fire Amber. This world is far from equal.

    1. The first trial in London was farce. As far as being an abuser and druggie, that is what Amber put out there. A known liar and it’s even on tape. You seem to forget who had their finger severed.
      He was not allowed to present any of his evidence or witnesses. Like the cops who saw not a mark on Amber,but she shows up on court with all makeup injuries that magically disappeared the next day when out with her then girlfriend. No fool like an old fool. He got shammed. He should have stayed on France with his then family. Oh,by the way rumor has it the judges ex-wife is one of Amber’s best friends. That judge should have recused himself from the case.

  4. Diane

    Why does it matter on the retrial, all the actors who have had problems with court and other go on making their movies. This shouldn’t be judge on accusations. There will never be another that can take his place in the Pirate of Caribbean, or any other roles. He is very talented. And if you listen to the record Amber is a instagator.

    1. Lasith Jayawardana

      No Johnny Depp as Jack Sparow, then you can forget about Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.
      I will neither watch any of the Caribbean series nor will I want to watch Fantastic Beasts 3.

      I will seriously contemplate on watching Disney movies in general.

      Johnny Depp is a phenomenon don’t rob the viewers of this legends performances.

      Johnny Depp rocks.

  5. Jessie

    I won’t go see any Pirates movie, sequel, prequel without Johnny Depp. Stop judging, he’s not the only man making mistakes in life.

    1. Elizabeth Restrick

      I will not go see it gain without it being Johnny Depp he is film x

    2. Sharon

      You can never replace Jonny Depp hes one of a kind he created and made that character into his own , let him stay in his own character ,his personal life should not affect his acting career ,she should lmk d be sued for character defamation if he is not allowed to do his job some women are calculus love the negative attention !!

  6. Katherine L Mann

    Nobody could ever be Jack Sparrow but Depp. He made those movies.

    1. Oh good god!!! Of course you are siding with that PIECE OF TRASH AMBER because you are a female! So tell me… do you also hit your bf or husband???? That Metoo bullcrap movement is a joke! I hope they get rid of that piece of trash Amber.

      1. Amelia

        Umm they weren’t siding with Amber…

  7. Pauding

    Please please give him beck to film I love you Jack Sparrow ♥️ Johnny Depp ?♥️?

  8. Jules

    Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp IS “Pirates of the Caribbean”. I and everyone I’ve talked to will never watch a sequel without him.

    1. Sandor

      Johnny is pirates of the caribbien. Won’t watch it without him it

  9. Scott Robinson

    Absolutely not, even if they do decide to rehire him he should refuse and resign and make them pay him just like fantastic beasts did, since they already released him they cannot hold him accountable to a contract and everyone knows it will be a flop without him starting. These people need a strong message, if they aren’t going to be loyal to those who work hard to ensure their success they are owed nothing, everyone knows she lied and if she was so in fear of her life she wouldn’t have been so quick to run to a newspaper but not the police. I mean what protection did she think a reporter could give against someone coming to physically harm you that the police can’t?

  10. Lee

    Yes bring Johnny Depp back in because it won’t be any good with someone else

  11. Annabella

    Agree totally…only ever be one Jack Sparrow..JD x

    So much evidence that he is not what the Press Print !
    Addictions Yes…We are all flawed, but not standing in judgement ……However all the creativity came from. JD
    Like lots of artistic people, they carry damage from childhood….but these people have also brought so much joy to music, art, engineering, architecture, dance and sports etc….
    I would not like a world without these creative people
    Warts and all

  12. Linda Fort

    First off, I don’t understand what Depp’s personal life has to do with Disney not letting him play Jack Sparrow. Depp made the character and no one will play it like Depp. Hos personal life does not make him a bad actor and if he is willing to play Jack, I think Disney should let him. Disney will lose alot of money if they pull Depp.

    1. CeMi

      Agreed!!! He is an actor. It’s a job and one he is very good at. I never really watched him until Jack. The last POTC movie was like warm as they brought in 2 new characters to replace Will and Elizabeth. Don’t try to make Jack funny Depp brings that himself. Barbosa is gone. TBH the last 2 movies with all the loved characters gone just is not worth my 2 cents. The 1st 3 POTC movies are very much the go to for movie night and sleep overs for my sons, nephews and friends. We will never know the truth. Court is about who tells the better story not the truth and they both have history.

      1. Kikka

        Disney will loos a lot of money without JD.

        1. Oh an just to add onto what I said previously putting Johnny depp’s ex wife in pirates of the Caribbean is the worse mistake they’ve made talk about kicking a man when when he’s down that was a dirty trick to play seriously tho NO ONE will watch the 6th movie especially if his ex wife is in this one ?

  13. Syl

    Johnny word gewokn kapot gemaakt door Amber Heart laat zei maar op der tanden bijten .
    Johnny is Jack Sparrow
    Geen Jack.dan zal ik dus ook geen Pirates of the Caribbean

  14. Keller

    Absolutley!!! They should bring him back!!!

  15. Kave

    Amber not having bruises after trail. Hmm. How is that not a red flag. And why isn’t Johnny Depp not aloud his time in court. Sounds like a corrupt legal system.

  16. David

    I’d like to be in the next pirates of the Caribbean and throw Amber and anybody that listened to her overboard.

  17. Jennifer Barnard

    Theirs only one Jack Sparrow and it’s Jonny Depp he’s talented and a brilliant Actor, and he’s innocent of ever laying a finger on Heard she’s been on trail for abusing another she’s used him to get a foot up in the acting world, Drops exes stood by him saying he’s a gentleman kind and considerate, just look at the thinks he’s done, for the hospital where his daughter had treatment etc I for one will not watch another film where Johnny Depp was sacked it’s not right even his solicitor says he doesn’t know how the judge came to that conclusion, plus it’s a fix the judge had a distant connection with heard that’s been discussed on the net it’s a fix and Johnny Depp isn’t capable of hitting women we heard the conversations on the net where she lost it and started carrying abusively at him

  18. Gia Santucci

    Disney please hear us out we all grew up with you and Johnny’s movies and he inspired me my whole life along with other actors plus there is no jack sparrow without johnny depp just like grindelwald but beggers can’t be choosers so please disney don’t drop depp please I love his films and your films.♥️????

  19. Valerie McCLean

    He is one of the best for sure. She probably married him for money & fame, & we feel sure that she should not be allowed to get away with her lies!! We definitely won’t watch any future programmes in which they replace him!

  20. D J

    No depp no pirates. If they want any of us to watch this unnecessary reboot they will cast him otherwise get ready to lose on millions.

  21. Satishkumar Ghoti

    “We only imagine and only like to see Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.”

  22. Up Yours

    The only reason Johnny Depp lost his UK trial and the right to Appeal is because everyone knows “The Sun” owner, Billionaire Rupert Murdoch, employs relatives of both the Judge & opposing attorney, as well as, the damned Uk Legal System!

  23. Marry

    Hell yes !!
    Abuser?!? When they where asking them johnny was so normal but amber was acting the hell out of herself best acting I have seen from her!!

  24. Mayur

    His personal issues are none of Disney’s business so they should just take him for the role. That tole is just perfect only because of him. No one can play that role even good as him. That reconsideration blah blah is just unnecessary.

  25. Angela bender

    Wtf is wrong with you people. Johnny depp is innocent. The video and audio tapes prove johnny did not abuse his wife. amber heard is the abuser on tape amber told johnny tell everyone i beat you no one will believe you and laughted i was done. Said on tape you are a honorable man who walks away from a fight.. On video but you guys wont stick up for the real victim johnny depp. Winning in court should not matter hes already proved his innocents. The fact that you do not support him is a slap in the face to all domestic volience suviors. Johnny proved he is innocent if you do not support johnny and replace him we will boycott your production company. If you support amber heard the real abuser we will boycott you as well. Amber heard has been arrested for domestic violence twice for beating up 2 different women once in 2003 and again in 2009 and then her husband johnny depp. Johnny has no history of volience none. Amber heard is a mile long. We the fans arent blind we see who the abuser is its amber heard. Wake up hollywood millions of people and kids are screaming justice for johnny..

  26. Amy

    So in the credits of mulan, disney thanks a place in china, a place that is notorious for human rights abuse but having depp in one of their movies is a no no? Heard disney never liked the way depp played sparrow and wanted him gone from the start, they got their wish now. Disney: racism yes, employing unproven claims about actors that help keep disney going no

  27. Hailey lynn

    There would be no movie without Jack he brings these movies to life so sorry not sorry but Jack needs to be back period every single pirates of the Caribbean movie hes in it would be stupid to take him out now

  28. Kat

    Its a no brainer for me no Johnny depp no watching the film simples he made pirates of the Caribbean #justiceforjohnny

  29. T Davis

    Disney, there are two sides to every story. And the psychology involved in marriages is so complex. I’d say we all should give Depp the benefit of the doubt and a second chance. We’ve all heard the tapes in which Amber admitted to hitting Depp. No one but Johnny Depp can be Captain Jack Sparrow.

  30. Emily Darcy

    How is it even somthing to consider Jonny depp is the only possible jack sparrow with no question about it

  31. I mean come on how can people think that there is any other actor for jack sparrow than Jonny Depp he is the one and only jack sparrow

    1. Livvy cotton

      Pirates of the Caribbean with out Johnny Depp is Definitely a No No, you can’t just replace him eith a different actor , He Us Jsck Sparrow.

  32. Julia

    How much money did Johnny Depp make for Disney? Playing that character ? He’s the face of the franchise.

  33. Julia Scott

    Johnny Depp is the face of the franchise, Disney made Billions with him as Captain Jack, are they willing to risk that?

  34. Lene Duus-Jørgensen

    Jeg har overhovedet ikke lyst til at se den 6 film uden Jonny Deep det er bare ikke det samme

  35. Allan Mills

    Johhny Depp is an amazing actor. Just because his second wife said she abused him dosent mean she did. Did the trial ever ask for proof of abuse. No! If Depp stays gone from these movies then say good bye to profits.

  36. The truth was there for everyone to see. But the judge was brought and paid for. I’m ashamed to be British knowing that this is what happened. Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. And like millions of others I will not watch any further Pirates movie. We will express how we feel by not spending our money on tickets. It will be a heavy financial lose for Disney and a loss if respect for the company. Mr Depp made you billions of dollers and you turn your back on him. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your mom taught you better than that.

  37. Johnny Depp made Jack Sparrow his own. No one else can be credible in the role. A legendary actor.

    So tired of all the public and media ‘stone throwing’.

  38. Marie

    Johnny Deep carry on to work for Disney or I boycott all the Disney film and shop pity to judge a man on the liar women she used and abused him to get where she is now.. Johnny has been with Vanessa Paradis and father to Lily Rose and Jake… and will never hear anything bad about this beautiful family.. Same for DIOR you keep Johnny Deep for the Parfume SAUVAGE or I boycott the label DIOR

  39. Pauding

    without Johnny Depp, the film is lost and no one will watch it.You won’t even sail to the sea because you won’t have a real captain. So please give Johnny Depp Back to the movie please without him you are lost please give him the role of Jack Sparrow

  40. V'léOnica Roberts

    I am not among those who signed the petition simply because I knew nothing about it, & I’m positive I am Not alone; what’s more, is that if Johnny Depp in not a center character in POTC 6, I won’t be in the audience or buy the DVD, & to that end, I am also positive. Nor will I support any entity that heeds vile slander &/or innuendo.
    Johnny Depp created the wonderful character that made the movie, & their would be no series of movies if not for his Outstanding performances as Captain Jack Sparrow!

  41. Jin

    Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow there is no if or buts and if he’s remove then say goodbye to what has been something great to watch. As for Warner Brothers and their Fantastic Beasts franchise its funny that they remove Johnny Depp without thinking about it but they sure are ‘considering’ of removing Amber from Aquaman.

  42. I’m sorry but to not cast Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow would be a mistake for the 6th movie as I’m sure everyone who’s watched all 5 movies would agree with me that Johnny Depp made Pirates of the Caribbean. He is Captain Jack Sparrow no one on this planet could EVER replace him for the role if Johnny Depp is not cast for the 6th movie I certainly will not watch it & I’m sorry Disney but millions of others won’t watch it either you will kill the pirates of the Caribbean movies by not casting Johnny Depp. So what if he’s made a balls up everyone on the planet makes mistakes an they get chance after chance people go through a tough time its normal but people are ment to support the people who go through tough times not kick them when there down. Johnny Depp is an amazing actor & Disney will never find an actor as brilliant an talented as he is……SIMPLE!

  43. Rosalinda Lozano

    Pirates of Caribbean it’s not, without Johnny Depp, please,nobody replace Capitan Jack Sparrow, Dysney Movie ,I want comeback Johnny Depp and Capitan Jack Sparrow it’s same two In one.

  44. Maria

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  46. Lore


  47. Juan

    hello everyone i know you want capitan sparrow to be back as much as I do so everyone who is looking at this we are recollecting signs to help jhonny be jack sparrow again

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