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  1. P Adams

    Fingers crossed the Lighthouse Point project gets scrapped altogether. Anyone who has been to Lighthouse Point understands the importance and beauty of it in its natural state. Disney would destroy this natural place and it’s delicate ecosystem. My hopes is that LB will finally be made a national reserve as it should be.

  2. J.W.

    For the record Lighthouse Point is NOT a private island. It’s one part of an island that has thousands of residents. It’s misleading to your readers and potential guests to keep promoting it as a private island when it isn’t.

  3. Robin C

    A perfect opportunity for Disney to do the right thing and preserve Lighthouse Point for generations to come, not as a cruise ship destination, but as a national natural preserve. Incredibly bio-diverse, stunningly beautiful, raw and rugged and mesmerizing. With the future of cruise ships in many areas seriously in doubt, this would be a logical move to gain a lot of attention for their commitment to natural stewardship.

  4. JoAnn

    Hoping this means the end of the Disney project on the island of Eleuthera.

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