Comments for Disney Records $2.4 Billion Loss for Parks in Q4



  1. Van Hamlin

    Disneyland is going to stay in the red because California is a shutdown state. Minimize losses by shutting down. Disney World is the opposite. Florida is open for business. It is only open to 25 %. Get the expensive rooms and restaurants open.
    Cruises are supposed to start again after Christmas.

    Provide discount air fare to upper echelon guests to Disney World. Everyone gets a free Mickey Mouse Mask!

  2. Disneyland in California and Disney corporate needs to quit being woke. I know Disney corporation supports the Democrat party, which in turn supports Gavin newson and Nancy Pelosi. They need to pull out of California and relocate Disneyland to let’s say Texas between Houston and Dallas. That would be two major population areas near 2 International airports for people to fly into and out of And has OK weather most of the year. With king newsome running California and Queen Pelosi in charge of newsome Disney is going to be shut down for probably another 10 months at least. And then only being allowed to open at losing profits capacity. And may have to close and then re sanitise everything all over again. California is a losing state for businesses.

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