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  1. Corey burnett

    Sounds like Disney is in no hurry to return the magic to their customer, and no hurry to bring the crowds back either. Which means no hurry to bring back their employees.. Sad

    1. Peter


    2. Adina Long

      Been twice since they reopened. Far more magical nowadays. Not returning all the employees is sad but until this country controls this….that’s the way it is. The crowds are large now for sure….just not 200 Brazilian 15 y/o girls busy and that’s very nice too.


    They are still selling park hoppers (I bought one a week ago), but they apparently aren’t honoring them

    1. kennyvee

      On the website, the ONLY option available is one park per day.

      The ONLY way you bought a park-hopper is from a non-Disney seller, and that’s on you if that’s what you did. You bought from a con-artist.

      If you actually bought from Disney, I’m pretty sure you mistook “multi-day” for “park hopper.” But despite what you claim, Disney is NOT currently selling park-hoppers. They weren’t selling them a week ago, they aren’t selling them today, and they haven’t been selling them since they reopened.

      You either fell for a scam or you are lying. It’s one of the two. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you fell for a scam.

      1. kennyvee

        I now realize my mistake. You must have booked for 2021, where park-hopping IS an option.

        My mistake — though I wouldn’t be surprised, based on how the virus situation goes, if they don’t refund the “park-hopper” and make them single day tickets, or offer you the option to cancel.

        My apologies for not looking further ahead.

        1. Tad

          Harsh, kennyvee, harsh. And your “apology” is weak but if it makes you feel, better that’s all that matters. If you did a little more “looking further ahead” you would find out that if park hopping is not available when your visit takes place in 2021, your park hopper will be refunded…Jeez

  3. Barrie Kromer

    Which is why I’m in no hurry to return- which is a shame. Disney has been my happy place for 30 years but I will not pay full price for less then the full experience. No fireworks no parades no character dining. No entertainment That’s not Disney!

  4. JustJessee

    Don’t mind the park hopping not being available. Also never went for fireworks, parades, or character meet & greets. The things that made Disney magical for me are still there, so I’m glad for. It. But I understand how others have different preferences and how this can be disappointing for them.

    This is temporary though. Things will return to more “normal” for you at some point. And in the mean time people like me who enjoy literally everything else the parks have to offer, will spend our money keeping things going. Even if it’s not a “full experience” according to some.

    1. Steve Johnson

      No park hopping means no me. I’m not going back until they at least add that back. And it appears millions feel the same way. Disney is free to run the company however they want. Just remember actions have consequences. Guests are NOT coming back and Disney is losing billions, laying offing tens of thousands, and permanently alienating a customer base that has been diehard fans for decades. The magic is gone. Hopefully not forever but they are not handling this situation very well. You can disagree with me but this is just my opinion. Mileage may vary and your opinion may differ.

    2. Normal? I have been to Disney 3 times since reopening from Covid. I stayed a combined total of 20 days at Wilderness Lodge, Pop, and Coronado. July, August, and one week ago. The lines are SO long on most rides, the bus service to the parks via the Resorts is INSANE!! Waiting over an hour for one bus, and then only allowing 12-15 passengers on each bus. It’s a NIGHTMARE!!! As an AP holder, everything has been taken away and you are better off staying at a Motel 6. At least there you get free breakfast!!! Nobody can park hop because of tracing issues, but laying off 28, 000 cast members, then complaint because they aren’t making enough money is ludacris!!! Have the parks stay open later, or open earlier, have more entertainment, more food, more anything. It’s not Disney. Class action lawsuits have been filed because of the AP holders not getting what they paid for, and Disney had NO CHOICE but to issue the extension for the park closure. Haunted Mansion line was out too Big Thunder Mountain the other day!!!! WE matter Disney, WE ARE IMPORTANT NOT JUST THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR

      1. Evan

        Hmmm, long lines for rides, long bus waits, no park hopping, class action lawsuits, nightmare after nightmare. BUT you made three trips since the Parks re-opened totalling 20 days?? How bad could it have been if you continue to visit? Kristins, take a deep breath and plan trip #4.

  5. Jamia Rogers

    I have read the article at least three times now. I still don’t understand how people were getting past the gate with this park hopping strategy for dining. I realize now they are enforcing it. But even 2 months ago how would you get into the park without a reservation and a ticket?

    1. Moonie

      My thoughts too. I don’t know that this was EVER a “loophole”? You can make reservations wherever you want, but if you don’t have tickets that let you visit that park that day, too bad. Has it ever worked otherwise?

  6. Pam

    No park hopping, its a definite screwing of your pass holders. That fee has already been added with the cost of being a passholder.

  7. Ken G

    I think not being allowed to park hop at Disney World is just ridiculous! It would actually help spread out the crowds.

    Allow guests to make a reservation for one park to visit, but while there they should be able to hop to another park as long as capacity is available. Treat it like FP+ or virtual queuing. You have to use the app, make a reservation for another park and once you get clearance you have a window of time (1-2 hours) to get over there.

    How hard it that?

    1. Corey

      Agreed.. Seems simple

    2. Tonya

      I agree with this. Especially considering that guests are no longer getting what they’re paying for. They should lower ticket prices or add this perk in.

  8. Aaron

    No Park hopping is why I let my pass expire and will NOT renew until it’s back. It’s integral to the more relaxed visits I want to enjoy as a Florida resident both towards avoiding overcrowded spots and not needing to plan every 15 minutes of my stay! Not to mention the freedom of eating at my favorite spots no matter which Park I decided to start the day in.

  9. SG

    I’m writing this while in HS, don’t miss park hopping definitely miss Fast Pass! This is crazy. I feel badly for those who came from far away. It’s lines everywhere, getting in, attractions, food, shopping! We had signed up for RunDisney which was canceled and decided to keep the hotel reservations. We should have cancelled those too. Now we’re just shopping and people watching waiting for the downpour from ETA before we leave. As APs we come often but won’t be coming back as much until FP returns. BRING BACK FAST PASS!

  10. JT

    Why would they be enforcing the loophole? Wouldn’t they want to close it?

    1. Beth

      Enforcing it = closing it. Or maybe I’m confused by what you mean

  11. Shirley

    I was there a week ago I hated the food you couldn’t get a y food unless you ordered by phone website stupid it was hard the sites were down the food suck not worth it at all even in there hostels very disappointed

  12. Larry

    No park hopping, annual pass. Reservations required for parks and restaurants. Limited time in the park. Many attractions closed. Street shows cut back. After 27 years of annual passes we are done. Looks like Disney is too. Walt is spinning in his grave.

  13. HAZEL

    I just got back from 9 days and the parks were at the 25% capacity. This isn’t really hurting them. People are still going.

  14. SirStephenH

    “Disney Fully Enforces Dining ‘Loophole’ That Allowed Park-Hopping”

    Don’t you mean ‘Closes Dining Loophole’? Enforcing means they support it.

    Also, according to the article it appears that there never was a loophole in the first place. People were just wrongly able to make reservations but never able to take advantage of them.

    1. Beth

      People should rightfully be able to make dining reservations in any park they want, regardless of current reservations. Our plans are up in the air regarding which park we will do which day and have reservations at each park we are contemplating between, and will cancel the one for whichever park we choose not to go to. No need to lock people into reservations at only the park they have reserved because plans change. Their issue was ALLOWING people in the gate of the second park, regardless of having a reservation.

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