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newsom and desantis


  1. John Thompson

    The governor of Florida doesn’t even believe in using masks, I wouldn’t hold him up as an example of rational thought.

    If Disney decided to go to full capacity with no mask or social distancing tomorrow this guy would be first in line.

    1. Lauren

      Disney the corporation made the call to follow strict Covid safety guidelines to operate and stay open doing so, not the Governor. They’d do the same in CA as in FL. Your point is moot.

      1. VM

        No yours is. She said IF disney made the call. If it were up to deathsantis there would be no restrictions at all. Thank god disney has more brains than the whole of GOP combined.

      2. Greg

        “They had precautions and all that. It’s outdoors, all these other things” Have mommy and daddy enrolled him in preschool yet? He knows some big boy words!

      3. LouiB

        I don’t necessarily agree with California keeping Disneyland closed, however the Florida governors total disregard for the health and lives of the citizens in his start is very sad. Very glad I don’t live in Florida and happy to be in California with a governor who is at least trying to keep people alive.

        1. Harry D

          You should stay in California with your lunatic governor. It’s ok for him to eat out with friends but for ordinary citizens it’s verboten…

        2. Pablo

          I Live In calfornia Unfortunately! I NEED To Leave This pos State ASAP!!!! Gov. DeSantis, Is There Room In Your State For Someone Who Is Is Fed Up With california & It’s Idiot Wannabe Dictator Of A governer!!!!!

    2. Look at the numbers. The population of Florida is a few million less than the population of California. The infection rate and death rate reflect that with California having about a 1000 more deaths than Florida which is about spot on for the national average of .01 death rate. This shows that the science is correct Masks and shutdowns do not work. At this point it is all about politics.
      Think about it, over twice as many people die from direct links to cigarette smoking. But you do not see government mandates saying you cannot smoke or people around smokers must wear masks or you have to social distance yourself from smokers. There is absolutely no concern about the extremely higher death rate, over two times as many from smokers than from this virus.

      1. Ralph

        Bingo! You are 100% correct

      2. Boobs McGee

        You ain’t brite.

      3. Kim

        While yes, there are many things that kill us including cigarettes, alcohol, drugs etc… That is repeated exposure. You don’t typically sit in a room with a smoker for 30 minutes and die 2 weeks later from lung disease. Not a fair comparison. And there are government mandates regarding smoking. You used to be able to smoke everywhere, including hospitals, airplanes and restaurants. Due to studies that showed the risk factors for second hand smoke, guidelines were put in place to protect the non smokers.

        1. Kelly Connerton

          Of the 480,000 people who die from cigarette smoke each year, 41,00 die from second hand smoke so you are incorrect.

        2. Kelly Connerton

          Of the 480,000 people who die each year from cigarette smoking, 41,000 die from second habd smake so, you are incorrect. It is a fair comparison and we still continue .

      4. Law


        California has 39.5 million people.

        Florida has 21.5 million people.

        California has 1.24 million total cases and 19,200 deaths.

        Florida has 1 million cases and 18,600 deaths.

        Florida has 50% more cases per capita, and 77% more deaths per capita than California.

        Which proves masks and lockdowns work.

        1. harry

          shut up
          masks and lock downs are just placebos and fear mongers
          There are evidence against masks and lock downs just make everyone lose their social life.
          6% of all covid cases are from JUST covid just more than 15000 in the U.S.
          Florida has a higher elderly population, meaning the deaths in there are more driven by the other health conditions than covid. Covid just aggravated them.
          If you reeeallly wanna get more evidence in
          I have been sent home from school due to exposure 3 times in 2 months. BUT HOW everyone in the stupid school was wearing masks and social distancing and all the damn safety measures.
          The virus is not as bad.
          THERE IS A 99% SURVIVAL RATE and if you say this is false, it’s because you don’t do research beyond the mainstream media.
          Please think reallllllyyyyyy hard before arguing back with me
          What evidence do you have that can truly prove how dangerous this virus is
          your move

          1. Madison

            This was really hard to read, not going to lie. The lack of grammar and punctuation make it diffIcult. Also, cite your peer reviewed sources and I’ll be convinced. By making claims with no credible sources, you’re just as bad as the “mainstream media”. Anyways, I’ll leave it at this. I don’t want to engage with trolls too much. 🙂

      5. Shawn

        Absolutely true. ???

    3. Ida

      Shutting the business is not the way to save lives

    4. Johnny Ringo

      Yeah and Gavin Newsom doesn’t even follow his own guidelines. Both Governors are pretty worthless

  2. Ron

    As a frequent WDW visitor, I see more and more people not wearing their masks properly. And the crowds are getting bigger. WDW needs to patrol the parks and lines better. And DeSantis has done a horrible job in Florida putting roadblocks on local governments.

    1. Eduardo Trevino

      And yet, no cases have been reported. Be glad that WDW is even open to begin with. If you don’t like seeing the crowds getting bigger, then don’t go. Smh

      1. Ron

        Why don’t you Democrats stay home and let everybody else live life

        1. mV

          It’s funny whenpro-life republicans demonstrate how anti-life they actually are….

        2. Shawn

          I second your suggestion.

    2. COVID DEATH RATE PER MILLION: Florida – 976, California – 510.

      That’s all you need to know about which state is approaching this correctly. And stop with the “no cases related to the resorts” — that is simply because of poor or dishonest contact tracing and reporting. Of course there are Cast Members and guests on both coasts that are spreading this while at the resorts — you’d have to be in complete denial of science (like DeSantis) to think otherwise.

  3. Just had a great time of 4 days at every turn being watched and told pull up your mask..it was hot and bothersum.

  4. Marcus

    He’s not really comparing Florida to California is he….He needs to focus on his own state.

  5. Cardinal Taurus

    Florida is near the bottom of states in cases per capita (i.e. highest number, or worst states) and California is near the top (best). I can’t say what I think DeSantis should do to himself on a family oriented website but he needs to pay attention to his own state and not California, we’re fine out here without Disneyland in a plague thank you.

  6. tvnutt

    Desantis is a fool the way he’s handling the Covid cases. I thought the governor from my old state was bad! That being said it’s Disney not Desantis keeping the parks safe. We go every week. Newsom is another fool of a governor not letting Disney operate at all, safely. He could learn something the way Disney runs things instead of causing economic problems
    Again, no cases traced to WDw for all you people who think oooh big plague if Disneyland opens. Use your brain!!!

    1. Vm

      Use your own brain and compare demographics of the two states and then sit down.

  7. V M

    Deathsantis can stay out of California. Disney can operate safely, but clearly the community around disney cannot. Disneyland and WDW are on two totally different planet in terms of everything from hotels, physical space, even the guest demographic are almost opposite. Wdw did not open because disney was worried about the community or the employees. As a CA resident i support newsom. I only wish congress cared as much as Newsom.

    1. Harry

      Newsom cares for himself
      His stupid science based approach is not even real
      he won’t tell anyone his data for why he keeps disneyland closed.
      Disney has proven to be safe and the only way we will see disneyland open is when newsom is out of office
      grusome newsom has disobeyed his own stupid rules on covid and he was caught
      I have a guess that if disnry wants to reopen, they can because newsom doesn’t have the support of the police.
      In conclusion newsom is an idiot and needs to get the hell out of california and politics

    2. Jeff

      I’m sorry to say this to you as a California resident from another California resident but I’m tired of governor Newsom. You know and I know and everyone in California knows that he’s an idiot and we know the stupid for that he is and going to a restaurant that is very expensive and he wasn’t wearing any mask and then a few late days later after someone took a picture of him in the party he had to apologize for his stupidity. You and everyone from California including myself know that that’s BS irresponsible of him and if he’s having dinner with a bunch of people then that means we should all have Thanksgiving with our families. that also means that all the businesses including Disneyland and universal and all the other theme park industry should be opening no excuse or science to back it up.

  8. Everybody that knows Disneyland, knows that corporate are Democrat supporters. But Disneyland needs to shutdown its parks in California and move out of this Nazi typ ran state of California. Keep in mind that the democrats that run the state may open you up but if next flu season people start TESTING positive again they will shut you down again. Think of how much money that’s going to cost, having to do parks shutdown, layoffs, sanitizing again. Then teared reopening for many months only to be shutdown again after a few months of fully reopening only to do it again because of next flu season. And in the end the people that buy the tickets are going to be the ones with the jacked up prices and people will not go there. It’s a no win situation Disneylan. Please move out of California and and open up in another state so we can enjoy the park again. And stop funding power hungry democrats that are doing this to us.

  9. Michael J Whelan

    Praises Disney. WTF Disney has let go more than 17,000 employees. They’re operating at 35% capacity and unlike Santis, Disney magnate masks and temperature checks for everyone. Our governor has lost his mind. He’s going to kill people. ⌛

    1. harry

      I really like how desantis doesn’t take crap from people like you
      He is running the state GREAT and he has stopped the worst from happening before it could even enter the state.

  10. When will the Disneyland reopen?

    1. Ron

      I can only hope when Disney opens up at 100% with everything back to normal that all you crybaby Democrats stay away so the rest of us enjoy ourselves

  11. Carol

    We don’t need the Governor of Florida telling our Governor how to run our State ! Your State is not any better with COVID-19 than we are. I have 4 friends that work or did at Disney World! 2 lost their jobs and 2 are very worried about going to work, one had an elderly Mother and she is worried about going home after working. It’s only time that WDW will have several cases again. So shut your mouth snd infect you State even morel

  12. Ben Moy

    WDW has a much higher non-resident visitor count than disneyland. WDW hasn’t had any reported outbreaks because with an incubation period of 14 days, most people that potentially could have contracted covid during their time at WDW wouldn’t show symptoms until they were home. Most of those people also would have gone through airports and other areas where they “could have gotten exposed to covid” so their exposure can’t be traced solely to WDW, therefore they are allowed to continue to say that they have not had an outbreak.

    It would be interesting to track recent visitors to WDW for a scientific study and test them two weeks after they return home from disney to see how many end up positive for covid.

    It would also be interesting to see the covid positivity rate amongst disney cast members as that would speak more to the prevalence of covid in WDW versus citing that no visitors are walking around WDW with covid so it must be fine.

    1. Ally

      I’d like to add too. CDC doesn’t make it mandatory to report where you’ve been the past 2 weeks. It’s more of a suggestion and that really makes me mad. People report to other people if they got AIDS and/or HIV. COVID has been so disgustingly politicized that people don’t want to report their whereabouts.

  13. Ally

    There’s a reason why Newsom does not want Disneyland to open… The whole country is bored out of their minds. Opening Disneyland to the whole country is very risky. Tourists are going to come in by car or plane giving the virus mobility and risking California residents to exposure. If you look at Newsom’s plan for Orange and Yellow tier – theme parks are open to Orange County residents only. Right now currently hospitals (I work in one) are starting to fill up and we may even get to the point to turning away patients because we have no beds (even surgeries and non related COVID admissions). I agree not opening Disneyland until we flatten the curve. My work days are filled with sadness. Over Thanksgiving we’ve had several patients trying to escape to see their family (one trying to go out of a window).

  14. Ron

    I can only hope when Disney opens up at 100% with everything back to normal that all you crybaby Democrats stay away so the rest of us enjoy ourselves

  15. Rigth side

    How about we live our life the way we want and open this country back up!!! and enter at your own risk … and if you dont like it or to scared to go then stay home!!

  16. COVID DEATH RATE PER MILLION: Florida – 976, California – 510.

    That’s all you need to know about which state is approaching this correctly. And stop with the “no cases related to the resorts” — that is simply because of poor or dishonest contact tracing and reporting. Of course there are Cast Members and guests on both coasts that are spreading this while at the resorts — you’d have to be in complete denial of science (like DeSantis) to think otherwise.

  17. Suzanne M

    Ron DeSantis is America’s governor. Anyone criticizing Ron is a racist bigot, because lockdowns disproportionately damage poor people and people of color. Take your disgusting racist white rich privilege back to California where Bay Area politicians sitting on their golden thrones can afford lockdowns. Never come to DW again with your racist disgusting pig faces.

  18. Kelly Connerton

    Of the 480,000 people who die from cigarette smoke each year, 41,00 die from second hand smoke so you are incorrect.

  19. A concerned nurse

    So done with people whom think this is not for them etc. I working in Hosp hearing its a hoax etc is like lending someone your car asking them to be careful, than having them destroy your car, blame you and than yell at you to hurry up and fix it. If I hear one more person so
    say, “but most people recover” I’m going to lose it my sanity! Yes we treat people and yes most get better but it takes time and resources and millions are people are still dying! Millions of others are sick! We treat everything else and yes HIV, cancer, heart attacks and diabetes etc happen too but you would take precautions to avoid getting thoses conditions in the 1st place… And if you get sick not die!

  20. Janie

    live in cali and i am happy newsome is doing the right thing vs desantis that wants to kill everyone in his state! Everyone should abibe by mask rules where do you live where you think this is a disney only rule???!!! So tired of it!!! I go to the other parks outside of wdw and wrk at dl you must wear em do something right for once and care about someone else…. those that do not want to wear masks sound like children and guess what most kids wear masks and are fine w it including my teens that have sp needs! So grow up!

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