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Scene in 'The Madalorian'


  1. This guy

    Chapter 12 or 13? A goof writing about a goof.

    1. Alex Lue

      Good catch! Thanks 🙂

  2. Ken G

    I am wondering if they did catch but just left it in for laughs. Regardless of the lockdown I’m sure there were a dozen people that looked at this prior to it being finalized. And heck, even a kid using their laptop nowdays could fairly easily edit this out.

    So I think they saw it and left it in to see how many fans would catch it. This is the way….

    1. Alex Lue

      That would be awesome!!

  3. C3PO

    The odds that this is the same person that was captured in raiders lost ark are approximately 3,720 to one.

    1. Alex Lue

      “Never tell me the odds!”

  4. Teritx

    Please learn the difference between apart and a part.
    Looks like The Mandalorian wasn’t the only one with a blunder.
    Writing blunders are worse, actually, IMHO.

    1. Alex Lue

      Oh gosh, I didn’t realize that. Thank you! Sometimes I forget to press the space bar, haha.

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