Comments for Honest Review: NEW Christmas Tree Stroll at Disney Springs

disney christmas tree trail


  1. The last time we went in 2014 at Christmas we didn’t see it. We hope to go December 29-January 5. We hope they leave it up for us to see.

  2. Darth Fashionable

    The only real complaint about the Christmas Tree stroll, for those of us who go year after year, is the similarity of the tree themes and their decorations.

    Given the 100 years of entertainment Disney has provided, it is interesting to note how they basically do the same trees, mostly decorated the SAME way, over and over: a Fantasia Tree, a Peter Pan Tree, a Lion King, a Haunted Mansion, etc. Granted, these are big hits that everybody likes, but how about, instead of Haunted Mansion, they do Tiki Room, or the Monorail and Transportation, or Enchanted and other popular but underrepresented movies or shows.

    Very likely, the tree themes are tied into the ornament selection at their Christmas Store, which, again, focuses upon their most popular licenses. Great job, year after year, but repetitive.

  3. Mark

    I love this new thought went for the first time last yr and while i thought they put the old bus stop to good use it was on top of each other and kids running everywhere and almost into the trees… this seems like a better way to see em and admire them i love how there doing a hunt for it! Did someone say map w discounts & disney whats going on?

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