Comments for We Now Know if Marvel Will Use A CGI Chadwick Boseman for’ Black Panther 2′

there will be no cgi chadwick boseman for black panther 2

Credit: Marvel Studios/ ITM


  1. I dont think my heart could stand seeing him knowing he is really dead. Have family notified that ther is an ambush of some kind and show small break in shots of a ambush no face shots. Then go family knowing he is dead. Show how whoever killed him found a way to do it. Then his funeral and the decision and crowning of his sister.

  2. Nathaniel Whitehead

    I would suggest either beginning the film with his closed coffin at his funeral, or after Shuri has already ascended to the throne. I think having a character mention at some point that T’Challa died of a secret battle with cancer (known only by the royal family) would not only honor Chad’s real-world battle, but also show how unselfish and protective the king was of his people. I do not want them to recast T’Challa until they are inevitably ready to reboot the entire MCU. T’Challa was Chad’s role for this iteration of the MCU, and it should remain his.

  3. Zachary

    So sad hearing about bosemans death earlier this year i really hope they continue with BP2 crowning shuri as black panther

  4. Nathaniel Whitehead

    I hope so too, as it happened in the comics. I think that’s their intention. I guess we’ll see what happens.

  5. Mary Brickhouse

    In some special way there should be a way to exit Mr. Chadwick out and crown his sister in as the new leader with class. Just as they did with Fast and Furious. We lost a very great actor who deserves to be written out in style!!!

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