Comments for Ahsoka Tano & Boba Fett Share a Wild ‘Star Wars’ Record

boba and ahsoka fleet scene

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm (all components)


  1. cesarjunior233

    Imagine caring about Disney canon, Legends/Expanded Universe is the true canon!

    1. Jack

      Imagine pretending that’s true.

    2. Jaybad911

      I agree

    3. Vic Pox

      Imagine imagining a stack of unrelated novels written by various authors who exchanged no information and produced a series of dry, convolutedly contradictory, and EXTREAMLY derivative works were actually part EVER part of an established canon, simply because the original creator approved of their creation in the name of the checks publishing companies were cutting him, in order to drain the drain the pockets of children and their parents who desired more of their favorite franchise. Just because you were attached to these books when you were younger doesn’t make them canon(or good for that matter.)
      People who can’t let go of their space-set kids books need to listen to the movies their sad minority of the fandom want to hate on and “Let the past die…”

      1. MN

        Jeez Vic. I was about to defend disney, then I saw your asinine comment about the expanded universe. That’s some over the top gate-keeping.

  2. Danpop

    Even Mcdonalds is more canon than the three diesny movies

  3. JB

    A single sentence voiceover is not an appearance. It is absolutely absurd to believe otherwise.

  4. Tim Irwin

    “…posed a completely overblown and non existent safety hazard to children across America.” Fixed it for ya.

  5. Shmood

    Wrong. This list should also include
    Poe Dameron
    Princess Leia
    Anakin Skywalker
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Padme Amidala
    …and many more

    This article clearly wasn’t researched beyond the quotes listed here. The glaring oversights here are the fact that several of the main cast Star Wars characters appeared in the cartoons, comics, games, etc. that Ahsoka and Fett appeared in.

    1. Vic Pox

      All canon media was the premise, so I have to point out…

      Poe and BB didn’t appear in the prequals, or Clone Wars and Rebels series. So cross them off of your list.
      Leia and Luke never appear in Clone Wars, as they aren’t born yet, in the series.(For that matter, they only appear on the third prequal movie, so trilogies must exist as single entities on this list.)
      Padme is not in the original series, clearly.
      Obi and Ani , as far as I know, did appear in all three trilogies(counting voice-over, because it would petty not to) and both the listed animated series, as did Chewey, and R2 and 3PO, as well as Yoda (surprised no one has pointed this out. But as of yet, non of these entities appear in Mandalorian, and several of them are absent for either RogueOne/Solo. So strike ALL of them from the list.

      That being said, Ahsoka and Fett where absent from several of these entries two, making the entire article a little off-base. It also ignores the canon animated series “Resistance,” in which neither of these characters appear.

  6. Stan Dupenschout


  7. Kje

    I think you’re all misreading what the article was trying to say. It wasn’t claiming that these characters had been in every movie. It was suggesting that Ahsoka and Boba were the only characters who had been in each medium at least once. Media were movies, live action tv, cartoons, books, comic books, and video games.

    I’ll admit I’m not familiar enough with the video games to tell if the claim is correct.

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