Comments for California Adventure Is Partially Opening – Why Isn’t Disneyland?

disneyland toy soldiers

Credit: Disney


  1. Oh Yeah.

    Disneyland Park Supposed To Be Re-Opening Next Year In Summer 2021 At Orange County CA. Not Stupid Remain Closed. We Want Hugs Back With Disneyland Characters Right Now.😠

  2. Shawn Lea Armstrong

    This covid19 isn’t going anywhere…it has to run it’s coarse. I am not going to live in a dungeon.
    Gavin Newsom needs to reopen so people can start earning a living before he completely kills our lives. I find it double standard that while everyone was ordered to close his winery was taking reservations

  3. Laura

    It makes most sense and easier for the company to schedule, since Downtown Disney is already open and we learned they are the same contract.

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