Comments for Why Disneyland Will Be Among the Last CA Theme Parks to Open

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  1. Tina

    Let Disneyland and the people decide.Disneyland has done everything asked of them to comply, we the public have been advised of all the risks associated and are prepared.It has become quite obvious that the people that have been given new power are taking advantage of this power and toying with the Disney Empire.Be careful you could bankrupt your state and maybe Disney could just buy California and run it from there.My family visited Disneyland with the H1N1 scare and Sars and we were careful and it worked we did not get sick.Our family has considered moving to Anaheim because of our love of Disney, now I would never move to California because of the politics involved it just hurts the general population real America.The solution to reopening has already been solved, distance, masks, disinfecting.

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