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Disney World Virtual Queues


  1. rosie

    absolutely not it screws up everything esp those w das they force us to wait twice when we should not wait at all forget all the complaints from regular guests bc no one is going to arrive early enough to be placed on those lists!!!! Forget the 100% real reason to do that folks are coming into the park to enjoy the PARK not just ONE ride!!!! Folks hate fp+ why would we want virtual queue to stay! You know back in the day when none of this was even in a thought somewhere we all waited like normal people on the same hr line and at least then the line moved! It didnt stop for fp it didnt stop for das bc we went in somewhere else and there was no need for virtual queue nonsense! And i got on every ride and saw the park now forget it all! Btw until that app gets fixed and that website doesnt go down once a day i will not be using it and i am not alone! I know plenty of folks whose phones crash bc of that app!

  2. Larry

    Stick with Fast Pass+. Having a limited number of Fast Passes available along with the stand-by lines provides everyone a near equal chance at experiencing their favorite attractions. The virtual queue has inherit problems because if all seats are allotted to virtual reservations then there isn’t a stand-by line for those willing to wait it out in line. If you make all the popular attractions virtual queued than someone will learn how to game the system and others will never get to experience what’s popular. The only way virtual queuing will work is if it’s limited (3 choices a day like Fast Pass) and you can reserve in advance so 50,000 people don’t rush the rope drop.

  3. Sara

    I still vote for something like the MaxPass at Disneyland. Before going I snubbed it. Having been used to Fast passes from going to WDW so many times. But I really enjoyed the MaxPass a lot more than I thought I would. It was easier than I thought. And we were able to do a lot more than with FastPass. As soon as we scanned I was booking our next ride. And there were no Tiers for rides either.

  4. David

    I’d love to try out virtual ques. I’d much rather spend my time doing anything other than standing in line for 30 min- an hour. During the summer of 2019 we went stayed on property and still couldn’t secure a fast pass for Flight of Passage. The wait was 3 hours! We only get to come to the parks once a year and I don’t want to wast that valuable time in a line. With a virtual que, we could’ve done a lot of other things instead of wasting time in a line, and still gotten to ride it at some point. Count me in as ready for the virtual que. If it turns out to be a failure they can always scrap it and return to what we are doing now.

    1. Mark

      Wow you must be new to wdw like the dummies that say fp is great fp ruined the parks! You never had these insane waits! Your waiting bc of virtual queues and fp plus!

  5. Bob

    Uhhh…apparently you have not experienced the Rise of the Resistance BS. You go to the park multiple days and still don’t get lucky enough to get into a boarding group even though you are clicking as fast as you can on the MDE app at the right time. Virtual queues are a terrible idea. I spent 5k to ride a ride. I’d wait 2 hours over luck.

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