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  1. prince charming

    I have a better idea. Don’t patronize Disney or Universal until the masks are no longer needed. This idea that the parks are filled with paying customers contradicts the fact that they claim to keep attendance down for safety.

    1. Donna

      They aren’t filled. They are limiting people.

      1. Jonathan

        Donna, I was just there yesterday and we were shoulder to shoulder

  2. cindy caine

    can we kick out guests for not taking 6ft apart seriously oh wait thats our fault for not limiting guests… nevermind!

  3. Charles

    Right now it’s not worth the hoops you got to jump through, the cost of parking, the cost of the ticket, the cost of food, the cost of merchandise, the stress of not wearing the damn mask correctly by universal standards to go.
    I will just wait until the mask goes away and even then I have to consider the financial cost as they try to recoup months of lost revenue.
    Can we say price hike everybody???

  4. John

    I’m at Universal right now. There are multiple guests within my line of sight who don’t have masks on or don’t have them covering their mouth and nose. None of the employees are saying anything to them.

  5. Jonathan R Rhymer

    This is the craziest thing ever. If your going to be open at a theme park that doesn’t wipe down rides then why where the mask? Everybody can ride the same ride touch the same thing but you can’t go without a mask. I can touch everything then my phone or my drink and it goes to my face. We are not thinking people we are just letting people tell us what to do. I’m not saying their isn’t a virus but do we do this for the flu? Or the cold? More people are still dying from cancer and hear problems but we are worried about a virus that is like the flu. We need prayer and to turn to God.

    1. Donna

      Exactly! Besides Masks do Not work! Its a control issue.

  6. LAllen

    We are here now….universal doing a much better job. They are dispensing hand sanitizer at the front queue of every ride and have multiple ones at end of rides and throughout parks. Several (70% of one’s I tried) Hollywood Studios dispensers were empty and they were not squirting it in your hands before the ride except Rise of the Resistance. Universal also offers several zones where you can go to space out and take your mask off if needed.

  7. Johnny MAC

    In Universal this week, It all depends on what maskholes are working. Some don’t say anything while others get their coworkers and they jump on guests. Two nasty females ganged up on my wife when she entered Quidditch supplies on Wednesday and she left crying. Oh and don’t get me started on the freaking hand sanitizer squirters on every ride and even the haunted houses where you can’t touch anything. Also why do you have to wear the mask on the train? You are in a berth all to yourself with no one else. There are signs saying you are being watched on video surveillance. Is that even legal???
    Also Maskhole workers walk around the park with signs saying to wear your mask properly and the other side says to social distance. Universal is definitely owned by Communistcast!!!
    Save your money!!!

    1. Screw This Guy

      Hahaha what a psychotic rant. Don’t take your crazy conspiracy theories out on the workers. You agreed to their rule when you went so stop being a obnoxious crybaby.

    2. Amy

      Its a privately owned business. They can ask anything they want of you. If you don’t like it, don’t go. They have no obligation to oblige your comfort, save YOUR money and let others follow the rules if they want to go.

      1. mark

        stop w this privately own business stuff… if the company trades on the stock market its a public company!

    3. BlankSpace

      Dude yes, it’s legal for a business to record you while you’re on their property. Also if your wife cries cuz two people asked her to follow the rules that sounds like a her problem…

  8. Merl

    I was there today and there were so many people not wearing their masks or wearing them properly. Also, there was zero social distancing. No enforcement at all.

  9. Douglas Trayner

    When this mask madness is over I will start spending money in the parks again. Problem solved!

    1. Sue

      Same here not going until
      Mask are a opinion people are paying the same prices as before and getting less and have to walk around in 90 degree weather with a mask and drag there kids around with mask on that don’t understand why they are even wearing them.

  10. NOT Bill Nye

    I find it disturbing that Universal would allow guests to wear neck gaiters that are only 1 ply but clearly state on their website that all face coverings must be 2 ply. That’s contradicting and a bit alarming. Neck gaiters have been shown to provide almost no protection. Seems like they need to reevaluate.

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