Universal Hollywood Claps Back at Newsom’s Reopening Guidelines

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After the long-awaited announcement, California Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration has finally released the theme park reopening guidelines that many Universal and Disneyland park goers have been awaiting. After viewing these guidelines, Universal Hollywood is not happy with Newsom’s decision, and they have clapped back.

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If you want an in-depth look at the guidelines to see when Universal Hollywood will open, we recently reported all the details you need to know. An important thing to note is that major theme parks (anything with a capacity higher than 15,000) are only able to open in tier 4 at 25% capacity, not tier 3.

We have already heard Disneyland President Ken Potrock speak out, as well as the Mayor of Anaheim. Now, Universal Studios Hollywood President and COO Karen Irwin issued the following statement:

“Pushing us into Tier Four behind other businesses that have already reopened makes no sense. It ignores science, reason and the economic devastation this will bring to the thousands of our employees, the indirect businesses that rely on us and our industry overall.

“The health and safety of our guests and team members has always been our top priority. We have designed detailed health and safety protocols that allowed us to open our theme parks in Orlando, Osaka and Singapore. We have collaborated with LA County health and government officials on a comprehensive plan to move forward safely here, and we are prepared and ready to reopen. Our  theme parks are controlled primarily outdoor businesses that we have proven we can operate responsibly.

“We should be in Tier Three, along with other industries that have proven they can reopen responsibly. Our employees are ready to go back to work and the fact that they won’t be able to do so until well into next year is shameful.”

But they didn’t stop there. Leave it to Universal to drop a one-liner that has us laughing, while getting the point across loud and clear.

“It’s official. We’ll only be responding to 25% of our tweets until further notice.”

Universal often takes to Twitter to address hardships in a comical way, and with so many others commenting on the new reopening guidelines, the short but very blunt and Newsom-directed tweet still holds the same unified feeling as the rest of the California theme parks — they are not happy.

It also did not take Universal Orlando to join in solidarity, replying to it’s sister theme park “We 100% <3 this tweet.” It’s almost refreshing to see how Universal is able to use their social platform to express their thoughts in such a simplistic, comical, and still very strong-willed way. It may be simple but the message is not diluted.

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With Universal stuck in Tier 2 at the moment, there is a very long road ahead to get to Tier 4. The reopening of the theme parks in California inevitably allows many more businesses to reopen successfully, as many rely on the tourism that Universal Hollywood brings in. They will have to enter the Yellow Tier to open, which is less than 1 new case per day per 100,000 residents.

The California Attractions and Parks Association, which represents Universal Hollywood, Disneyland Resort, and many more California theme parks, have also spoken out on Newsoms guidelines.


It’s important to remember that Universal Hollywood underwent CA state official inspections as well as health and safety, to which the theme park passed both tests without any further need to adjust their measures. Even with these safety protocols approved, it seems that Newsom will not allow the parks to open until Tier 4, which could possibly be in 2021.

Of course, we currently have no idea as to when California will reach Tier 4, but stay tuned to ITM as we continue to closely monitor the reopening of all California theme parks.

Do you think Universal Hollywood should open in Tier 3 or 4? 

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