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Disney World Layoffs


  1. Kathy

    Not quite accurate in your reporting. I suggest you read the MOU. Full timers CAN be laid off if they choose to not accept a new permanent position or miss a step on the process. They have to rank the areas they would agree to move to and cannot NOT rank areas like attractions, sales, food and beverage. They get one call back and one offer. If they say no it’s a separation. A full timer with more seniority can move into a role that creates a layoff for another full timer with less seniority. As far as the callbacks within two years, the cast member has to notify Disney after one year that they are still interested. If they don’t, two years is a moot point.

    It’s not as rosy as it seems.

  2. Christopher P Candee

    This has nothing to do with DeSantos but everything to do with Disney’s “elite” management. Universal is thriving, and yes they laid off salary managers, (who got a fare better deal than Disney Unions got for their people), but overall Universal and Sea World are thriving and making bright decisions while Disney WDW is failing. While Disney Cancels everything, Sea World and Universal are moving forward adding things. Universal and Sea World salvaged Halloween and the parks are busy (no outbreak), Sea World and Universal are going on with X-mass (Disney… Nothing). The mouse has lost his Steam Boat Willie Edge.

    1. Karen

      Most of the families I know with season passes won’t do Disney with a mask. My sister has 10 grands, all with passes, none are going back until they can do so massless. I have 11 grands, 7 with passes, non allowed to wear a mask. We live in the panhandle and aren’t afraid of the virus…just 10 miles around Disney in a face mask.

  3. cindy caine

    yes bc you can not blame yourself yep blame the state and the company but if folks arent part of your union its done already thats why no one wants to join it! You fire folks either way! Its not right you do not have a right its the sad facts behind big buiness!

  4. Dave Moorehead

    I think it stinks all of us get the pink slip

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