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  1. Thomas

    While I’m glad that for Soul they aren’t adding the stupid Premier Cost, it still means people who can’t afford to regularly subscribe will miss out. I can’t afford Disney+, but have a profile on my brother’s account so I will still be able to watch it even if not in the immersive escape of the cinema. I still wish Disney would open it to both Disney+ AND Cinemas regardless of location so people can make a choice of whether they want to half watch it on their computers while checking other devices at the same time or fully immerse themselves and escape from the world we currently live in for a couple of hours. And selfishly, I was looking forward to seeing it in November, so I’m annoyed I have to wait longer to see a movie I’ve wanted to watch since it was announced.

    1. Taylor

      If someone cannot afford $6.99 for one month of Disney+, they surely could not afford going to a movie theater.

  2. Pete

    My problem with all this is not having that theatre experience. The theatres started to open up saw one movie flop possibly because of covid or possibly because it was poorly marketed. I personally am missing that theatre experience and was really anticipating seeing Mulan and other movies that are supposed to be coming in that environment.

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