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  1. Thomas

    I’m not sure Tangled is the right movie for the Germany Pavilion if I’m being honest. I know it has Germanic roots but I think there may be more Germanic-based movies that could be used, I think Tangled would be better suited at Magic Kingdom. I’d love to see ‘Pinocchio’ at the Italian though.

    1. EricJ

      We used to have Pinocchio and Geppetto appearing with the world characters at the Italy pavilion–Used to.
      Guess which country HATES OUR GUTS for preferring Walt’s Jiminy Cricket version to Carlo Collodi’s nasty mischievous book version? It’s one seriously big issue with them.

      1. Darth Helpful

        Is it Russia?

        They seem to hate everything about us all the time.

        Except the President. Nice guy, they say.

        1. Evan

          They like the former Vice President too. And his son, Hunty, who received $3.5 million dollars (not rubles) from Russian billionaire Elena Baturina for “real estate” advice while his father was leading US foreign policy decisions regarding Russia. And Hunty doesn’t even have a real estate license? Deep down those Russians really do like us. What “Tangled” web we weave.

  2. Ken G

    I have to agree with the comment made by Thomas – I never related Tangled to being “German” as Frozen is to Norway and that region. So no for me but I’m not saying a Tangled ride wouldn’t be good somewhere (better for the MK in my opinion).
    Originally there was going to be a boat ride in Germany called the Rhine River Expedition but it never happened. And of course nowadays folks like and more excited about a ride that is based on a movie and characters that they know. I’m fine with that overall.

  3. EricJ

    I remember the original 80’s Epcot Center–since I also went to Vancouver in ’86 and remember what a World’s Fair looks like–and if you’re one of the new kids saying, “What the heck is Epcot?…They should have more E-rides, like the Studios!”, you’ll get nothing from me but cold contemptuous STARES.

    Oh, and why did we get Frozen Ever After in Norway, besides the fact that crowds were overrunning the Anna & Elsa meet with three-hour lines at MK’s Royal Princess Hall at the beginning?
    Because a lot of Armchair Imagineer fanboys–you know, the ones that think the park is a Hall of Fame where every favorite movie has to be “enshrined” with a dark ride or coaster–thought a Frozen ride would look sort of like Maelstrom, right around the same time Norway pulled its funding of Epcot’s pavilion…And, of course, they never, EVER suggest building new ones, but updating “old” ones.
    Yep: Just like Stitch’s Great Escape, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, and the new Princess & the Frog version of Splash Mountain. Great track record with the fan-campaigns there.

  4. Tammy

    I would love to see a Tangled ride, with the beautiful scene with Rapunzel and Flynn among all the floating lanterns.

  5. Reagan

    Honestly, I’m just tired of seeing IP’s in epcot, I go to epcot to experience the pavilions, I go to magic kingdom to see princesses and ride rides

  6. SG

    I’d love to see attractions at all the EPCOT countries. Tangled or Pinnocchio would be great in Germany!

  7. TacoCat

    No! Please, Disney, don’t make EPCOT Magic Kingdom part 2.

  8. Larry

    No. It would end up being Frozen v2. Pinocchio is a much better fit for promoting the old German culture.

    1. EricJ

      (Okay, since nobody got it the last time:
      A) Pinocchio is ITALIAN, and
      B) The Italians hate the “cute” Disney version where Pinocchio is nice but dim.
      That’s why they sent us the incredibly weird but book-accurate Roberto Benigni movie, and why they kicked the park characters out of the Pavilion…Everybody good now?)

  9. Chris

    A Tangled anything would be great anywhere in my opinion. All Rapunzel has right now is a bathroom. It’s a favorite movie of a lot people, including me! She needs to be included in the princess group more than she is!

  10. Shelby

    Epcot doesn’t need tangled in Germany it will collide with Snow White being and having two different movies in one spot just is kinda weird to me

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