Comments for Confirmed: State Officials to Visit Disneyland, Universal Studios



  1. L

    Seems like Disney used the 28,000 workers as pawns to get the Governor’s attention. If that was the case and Disney does open up, all 28,000 workers should get their jobs back. Kind of crappy that the Governor finally decides to tour theme parks now.

    1. Matt Bates

      LOL ya its all the governors fault. Maybe if people took the pandemic seriously in March, everything would be open by now…

      And Knotts is partially open doing outdoor food experiences… The Governor didnt stop that… So why did Disney choose not to at least partially open, even if it was for just walking around the park with no rides…

      1. L

        All I’m saying it’s funny that he decided to all of a sudden tour the parks after the massive layoffs. Also Disney is licensed as a theme park and is not able to operate as a food festival outside the parameters of the park.

      2. Corey

        I don’t know where you were in March but most of us were sheltered in our homes with the occasional visit to the grocery store only to find empty shelves. Nothing was opened! Streets were empty! So I would say people did take it seriously only to find out that this “deadly” pandemic wasn’t so deadly after all with an over 98% survival rate. In fact it has only claimed .013% of the worlds population. And in the meantime we put over 40 million people out of work in the US alone. And before anybody replies and says “but one death is one too many” I’ll ask is it really? If one death was one too many automobiles, cigarettes, and processed food would be outlawed. The only thing I agree with Newsome on is voting no on prop 21.

    2. M

      The park will be operating at 25%, do you really think they can keep 100% of the work force?! Before march it was over staffed. common sense…

  2. Judy

    I’m surprised that this is the first visit to the major theme parks, but I’m glad that it’s happening. Hopefully, any questions the governor has will be addressed during these visits and a good plan can be drawn up.

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