Comments for A Guide to Social Distancing at Walt Disney World


  1. Chris Petersen

    Just spend 8 days there (9/11-9/19), and never felt cleaner. Got back, tested clean. It’s a great time to visit!!

  2. Rebel orange bird

    I felt safe before and i feel safer now! The only time it got a bit crazy was the bus separation i mean i know it had to be done but still waited 45mins for a bus bc the 1st was too busy is crazy! Though i thought the 6ft apart was well done and the plexiwalls where lines might be too close like on soarin or land. I can see those staying up when 6ft drops bc i can see that going before masks! I was very specitical about masks at first esp in fl but if became second nature. As long as your not moving you can take a breather and have some water.

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