Comments for OpEd: Should Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios Also Get a ‘Guardians’ Retheme?


  1. Stan

    Seriously? Guardians is not anywhere comparable to the classic Tower of Terror. Rode both and Guardians was a complete disappointment. Don’t make another mistake like they did with getting rid of Osborne lights or the Movie Ride.

  2. Mike

    Never. For so many reasons. Disneyland already did it, so keep one ride on the west and one on the east. Why mirror the same rides? It’s a great non-IP experience. It’s classic yet still is attracting crowds new and old. It’s just creepy enough to have it connect enough with the haunted mansion. It fits the old Hollywood theme of Hollywood Studios to a tee.

  3. rebel orange bird

    no bc guardians is at epcot and cali had to change bc they lost the rights to twlight zone cbs is only allowing wdw to keep it! Know your facts before you state a false op!

    1. big fat momma harley

      how can an opinion be false? its an OPINION! you should look up the definition 🙂

      1. Darth Pence

        That’s so true! An opinion can NEVER be false.

        Like when the President said earlier this week that Joe Biden secretly had Seal Team 6 killed because the Democrats are covertly keeping Osama Bin Laden still alive, that was just SOMEBODY’S opinion he re-quoted and it’s up to US to decide if we think it’s true.

        So see, ANYBODY, even the anonymous, can have opinions about anything and by definition, they’ll NEVER be false. EVER. Yay, opinions!

        1. big fat momma harley

          exactly! I’m glad to see that you also realize that you can’t use “opinion” and “fact” in the same sentence, and here all this time I thought you were just an idiot! just an opinion of course! 🙂

  4. Janie

    our guardians ride sucks and i hope wdw is better though i wish it went to tower bc it does not belong at epcot! Hasnt that park had enough!? Tower could have been guardians rnrc could have been rebooted as marvel sunset could be marvel sect as much as they could on wdw end! I heard from managers here and wdi around that universal is dropping the marvel area so hopefully that will help wdw out.

    1. EricJ

      Oh, right, another good point:
      DCA was hoping to phase out much of its Hollywood Backlot, to make room for Avengers Campus, back before the pandemic hit.
      So, there’s…THAT reason why Disneyland got a retheming around that general Sunset area. But then again, we do get the answer of “No”.

    2. J. Barnes

      Tower is my daughter’s favorite ride and has been since she first rode it at 5. It needs to be left alone and it fits in well with Studios. Each Disney park can have a different story line/theme for their Terror ride. Every one does not have to be identical.

  5. EricJ

    Darn, I was hoping for a more elaborate discussion of the whole WDW vs. Universal Islands of Adventure legal entanglement over Marvel-based rides (which IOA got the theme-park rights for in the 90’s, years before Disney bought Marvel), which explains why only Disneyland, the Cruises and the foreign parks can have Marvel rides–

    But then there’s all this debate over whether Uni’s deal expired, or whether it doesn’t apply to new characters (which is why Starlord and Dr. Strange can make temporary character appearances at WDW, but Groot and Black Panther can’t make permanent ones), and…ehhh.
    It just gets more complicated the more you get into it.

    1. cindy caine

      from what has been heard at here in uni and like janie said above uni is not recommiting to the characters here at ioa so disney maybe free in the long run… last i heard from other managers uni team is wrking on how to replace hulk etc w their properties and if it would be the same and how its going to wrk but to employees a ride is a ride! And disney should be able to have their own characters!

      1. EricJ

        And that would explain why Disney is working on a Spiderman dark-ride for DCA, despite IOA’s ride being one of the legends of Orlando.
        With any luck, they’ll be allowed to borrow a similar concept.

  6. Deb

    Nope I hope tower of terror never gets replaced I love the ride and everything about it

  7. Thomas

    Even though it’s the same story, I love the creepiness of the Twilight Zone on the tower, and it actually introduced me to the old school series which I am now obsessed with. I don’t think it needs to be redone, i don’t like everything being updated to modern material, some of the old stuff needs to be kept too to appeal to everyone.

  8. mark

    No! Absolutely not. Maybe add some special effects in the tower drop scenes but don’t touch anything.

  9. Jameson


  10. Larry

    No real reason to change. It’s perfect as is. They may one day need to remove the Twilight Zone reference, but changing to Guardians of the Galaxy will not fit. Keep the focus of Sunset Blvd on old time Hollywood since that’s where the Magic of Disney began.

    The above comments, of course, were only an opinion…

  11. Bob

    For sure, don’t change it Guardians. As much as the Guardians change was fine at DL, the implementation at HS was so much better. Once DL added ToT, we were sorely disappointed about how short it was comparatively speaking. Keep them as is is my vote.

  12. Elizabeth Roesch

    NO, NO and in case you didn’t understand NO!!!
    TOT is one of the best rides in all the parks with arguably the best queue.
    Please leave it alone!

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