Comments for Shonda Rhimes Leaves ABC for Netflix Over a Disneyland Ticket

shonda rhimes leaves abc for nextflix over a disneyland ticket


  1. Ed Kelemen

    Awww- That poor little woman who can’t afford to buy a Disneyland Ticket for her sister.

    1. Djd

      Really! Greedy. Epitome of entitlement. Both women should be paying their own way.

      1. Annmartina

        I doubt she cared about the ticket. It was a test to see how much they valued her.

    2. Charlie

      I blame Rhimes’ agent for this whole situation. When Disney pushed back, it should have been pretty clear that the internal systems were not setup to make it easy for ABC to hand out extra ‘complimentary’ passes. If the agent had changed tactics and asked for an extra $2000 in the next contract, it seems likely that Disney’s response would be have been a bemused yes. Then an entire annual pass could have been purchased, and if there was a problem, guest services would have been able to help out in the spot. Instead, Rhimes had to use a lot of her good will to get a frankenpass, whose entire validity rested with whichever VP ordered its creation, who does not work on weekends.

      The agent’s ‘punishment’ for screwing this up is getting to collect a percentage of a giant Netflix contract. Some days, it is good to be a Hollywood agent.

  2. J

    Pay for your tickets like the rest of us do.

  3. Kai kami

    Lol wtf. Girl has probably made the company millions possibly billion in ad revenue alone not including merchandise and what have you and you blaming her for not paying. I think Walt would’ve hooked her up.

    1. Paula

      I better NEVER again hear about white privilege and black oppression.

      1. Sweets

        Thank you

      2. Grandmom

        She can afford to buy tickets for her family and probably every person in the park that day. Cut off your nose to spite your face!

    2. Paula M White

      Are you kidding me?? She’s made millions and millions. She has the nerve to talk about white privilege and being oppressed but guess what cupcake, most of us can’t afford to leave our jobs if we don’t get free Disney tickets for our entire entourage, hell we don’t even get them for ourselves.

  4. Greg

    I thought ABC employees got the same perks cast members do?

  5. Lars

    Aw, a family showed up to Disneyland and gets turned away on a technicality? Why that’s just… all too common.

  6. Rich

    Guess no white privilege here just sense of entitlement

  7. Chelsea N Woolsey

    They said they’d give a ticket to her sister, not her sister and her nanny and her kids. 🙄 shonda was acting entitled there.

    1. Cindi Updegrove


  8. jason

    With her so-called “success” you would think she would have just paid for it if she wanted her sister to have an all-access experience.

  9. Kelly

    S like she wasn’t happy at the company. There has to be MUCH more to this story. She has made them so much$$$ and also made a name for herself. Ticket thing is probably a straw that broke the camel’s back situation. Also disney needs to make more room on it’s platform for adult storytelling. She will have so much more freedom at netflix.

  10. Peter Brown

    Super entitled Hollywood loser. Sorry Shonda, I’ve liked a lot of your shows but this makes you look like a petty, unprofessional whiner. Grow up! You’ve got the money … pay for your Sis & kids & nanny.

  11. CN

    Hey shonda. How about you donate to the Cast Member College Program where those poor kids are living in trash housing and get paid dirt instead of trying to get your sister, her kids and NANNY in for free. Lol. Absolutely disgraceful. And you’re a Disney lover??? Right.

  12. Jessica Wombold

    This is the picture of “Wealth privilege”. Can’t she afford to buy tickets for her own sister, if she has all these hit shows? (Yes)
    Why does she expect free stuff, when everyone else has to pay? ……oh yeah, celebrity privilege, and rich privilege.

  13. Jenn

    Just. Wow. Happy to just be middle-class right now.

  14. I am astonished at this. If I didn’t know better I would say (and pray) that there has to be something that is being ommitted from this article. (I’m just trying hard to mindfully give Disney Executives the benefit of doubt.) But I shall assume that if all of the facts are correct, as stated, then Disney messed this up, losing sight of a bigger picture and shoes lack of understanding regarding the relationship and the past contributions of this very skilled and talented person. If correct, It would suggest to me that quite possibly Disney has become, like so many of the behemoths of Corporate Greed and Change, entrenched into a culture of arrogance that has slowly been developing among many of the largest companies. Has their ego become so inflated that they fail to grasp the roots of their successes and existence? This decision and it’s subsequent aftermath, and based on this article, be due to costs, it has to be based on some principle, and if so her, response to the situation is not overly is justified, not overly emotional, and in par with someone who understands the value of their contribution they have made to the organization. It sounds like, (based on this article), that the small little details that made Disney the size they have become are now either being overlooked, or pushed away by certain decision makers in the Disney World of Daily Operations. Are Economics now holding greater value then people. Tell me that it isn’t so?

  15. Angel

    Good for her..

  16. Mary

    Oh looks like rich and black privileged to me! Bye the ticket!! Sister has a nanny? Should have been able to buy all those tickets!! Poor thing.

  17. Cheryl Voss

    Walt Disney is rolling in his grave, just ask relatives of the Disney family. His vision for the park was family fun and not the bazillions of dollars. But by all means, be sure the execs get their bonus while cast members are unemployed.

  18. Jerry

    COVID-19 rules probably got her turned away at gate. All ticket holders including annual passes require advance reservations to enter park.

  19. Fran

    Why should she get them for free? Totally ridiculous! She can well afford to buy her sister and the rest of her family Disneyland tickets.

  20. Karla S

    Moreover than a fight of whether Shonda is feeling entitled or Disney is being greedy… There’s also the precedent Disney or ABC would set after this has been made public, if every single actor/director/writer/set worker/staff member/etc… wants to invite their siblings, nephews, cousins, nannies, extended family etc on an all inclusive visit to the parks. It would be hard to write the limitation to those perks…
    So, in a sense, of course it’s not that Disney can’t make it happen… it would just be difficult to deal with, and Shonda should’ve been comprehensive and looked for middle ground.

  21. Savannah Marie Souza

    “Dont you have enough?”…sounds a bit hypocritical to me.

    1. Peter k.

      Only those that have negotiated with Disney can understand difficult and arrogant Disney is. I know !
      I’m glad she made the move.

  22. Lori

    The Hollywood elite make me physically ILL!!!!!
    I wish America would boycott ALL of them!!

  23. Doesitmatter

    Good lord, how many commenters actually read the HR article? How many commenters have dealt with upper management being condescending and not delivering the basics? How many of you felt like you were dying while working for an entity that didn’t really encourage you? I’m betting if you were in her situation where you were given passes that were invalid, you might negotiate a multi-million dollar contract with a competitor…because she can.

  24. J Kaufman

    Everywhere you look entitled rich people it’s unbelievable.

  25. Nicj

    Not a fan of her shows. So the only bias would be against her. But this is bad faith negotiating by abc. Chick probably made them billions since the first show came on. If you negotiate and come to an agreement , need to honor the agreement.

  26. Daddy Piranha


  27. Jeanninematata

    1st of all you can work for any company you want, for what ever amount of money, but to leave a studio for something you can afford to purchase makes makes no sense, if this article is true, you make think your above everyone but your not. #DISNEY #WEAREALLEQUAL #WEPAYYOUPAY

  28. Jooniper

    It’s not about she can’t afford it. It’s about how they said they would, and backed out. Make this a smaller scale company with a smaller scale employee. You get a Disney pass in your contract? You best believe everyone of you would be upset they went back on their deal. I highly doubt this is the only thing. Probably that last straw of disrespect and she was done

  29. Sal

    It was the last straw for her after so many battles with Disney.
    Good for her , she will now be making more money and working in a better environment.

  30. SCReality

    Wrong. ABC Employess get a certain amount of free tickets per year. Shines would have had a Silver Pass, meaning where can take 4 people on for free IF SHE IS THERE TO ESCORT them. She was not there. So she basically just wanted extra free tickets to get everyone in. That is not the policy. You don’t break policies just bc people are rich and make money for the company. I bet Bob Iger and Josh’D’Amaro follow the rules.

  31. Michelle B

    Disneyland has been closed since march and will likely be closed until 2021. This is too old to be the real reason for the switch. I’d say the 300 million is why she left.

  32. I’m sorry, she’s filthy rich so why couldn’t she buy the tickets for her sister and her sisters family? This was just plain stupid.

  33. Wayne

    Just like Disneyland to do something like this?
    Any problems Disney does not give a. Damm.
    THEY TAKE your money for entrance ticket. You get whatever they the GODS OF DISNEYLAND GREED want to give back in case of their mess up?
    Good God Disneyland has changed to horrible customer relations.
    They use to be fair during problems at the parks?
    Now its see ya too bad? Have a magical day!

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