Comments for VIDEO: Ryan Gosling Rants About Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion


  1. I can partially agree with him.

    But I hate to go off the subject. But what happen to wearing a mask Ryan & girls.

    1. J

      This was filmed a couple of years ago

  2. Jon

    I agree with him 100 percent. I’ve never liked the overlay during October.

  3. Maya

    Don’t go on it when it’s in season, then. Some of us love the Nightmare Before Christmas version and look forward to it every year.

  4. Mimi Lou

    Nice to know someone shares my same sentiment. I am a “Nightmare before Christmas” fan and Haunted Mansion fan but I’ve always found the overlay hokey and unnecessary.

  5. Chance Huiet

    The overlay is the whole reason I want to go to DL instead of DW one year. We do DW 3 times a year but I’m trying talk family into DL just for the overlay. Im a major Nightmare fan

  6. Jessica

    I agree, bring it to Florida and put it in Disney World instead! ?

  7. Candace

    I’ve been saying this for YEARS!!! super NBC fan and I love the switch but Oct should be Halloween Town, and Nov-Dec can be Christmas Town! I’d love to experience the spooky Halloween town characters!!!

  8. Traci

    I LOVE the overlay. Its fantastic in detail!

  9. Melanie Durham

    I wish we would have this overlay here at WDW

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