Comments for Raises Coming for Disney Hotel and Restaurant Workers

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  1. Ken G

    Some good new for those CMs!

    I find it interesting though that here in California with our lame progressive Gov Newsome with all his talk over the last 2 years of higher wages (and who still keeps our parks closed) that the equivalent CMs at Disneyland (if it were open) make less as their base wage than those in Florida! And factor in the cost of living in Florida is a whole lot less, gas and housing is cheaper and so on.

    So in reality an “equal” cost-of-actual-living wage in our (sigh) state should be $20 per hour.
    (Can’t wait to leave California!)
    Nice going Newsome! All talk….nothing more.

  2. Gordo

    The raise to 14 dollars an hour came to all union positions at the parks as well. Whoever does the reporting here is lacking. Merchandise, Atrractions, Custodial, etc. Do your homework.

  3. ian

    yes really not sure why you post false information like this

  4. Denise B.

    Interesting how they can afford to give raises while laying off others.

    Also, if you want a living wage, get an education in something that you can make a career out of. Don’t make a career out of no-skill, low-skill jobs meant for teenagers and those entering the workforce and expect to be paid a “living wage”.

  5. prince charming

    If Disney is willing to pay it, I think it could not go to more deserving people.

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