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A new raise is in store for hotel and restaurant workers at Walt Disney World.

The Unite Here Local 737 Union which represents these workers has successfully negotiated raises for their members after fighting for these increases over the past three years. They do mention (in their official announcement of the raises on their Facebook page) that they are continuing to fight for those who have lost their jobs in the recent reduction of staff at Disney Parks and Resorts.

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Below is the announcement from the union’s Facebook:

RAISES ARE TODAY: October 4! $16 minimum for Housekeeping. $14 minimum for most Food & Beverage workers.
The raises apply to the almost 9,000 Housekeeping and Food & Beverage workers who are back at work. If you are still on furlough, you will get the raise whenever you are called back to work.
Use the pictures posted here to find out how much your raise is. First, find your exact job title, then look for your current wage on the row called “Eff 9/29/2019”. Your new wage is immediately below your current wage on the row called “Eff 10/4/2020”.
The raises for Tipped workers are on December 27, but you will get the October 4 raise whenever you take paid time off.
We fought hard for these raises back in 2017 and 2018. At a time of economic crisis when many non-union companies are freezing and cutting their workers’ pay, our Union contract protects us!
WHAT ABOUT LAYOFFS? All 6 Unions of the Service Trades Council continue to talk with Disney about their announcement. How many full-time and part-time Cast Members will be affected, how long health insurance and recall rights will continue and many other issues crucial to Cast Members are on the table. As soon as more information becomes available, we will notify our members.
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This is great news for Cast Members who have been struggling financially during the pandemic and are now able to come back to work at Disney. If you would like to help Cast Members that lost their positions in the recent mass layoffs at Disney, we encourage you to visit this link for more information. 
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