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  1. Thank you for this informative story. We are going to WDW December 29-January 5. We are very concerned about lines and transportation difficulties. We are staying at Caribbean Beach. Is Caribbean Beach having similar lines?

    1. Erin S

      We stayed at CBR mid-Sept, took abt a half hour (or less)to get through the line. No wait on the return trip. It moves quick and there’s a coffee hut!

    2. Kelly Thole

      The line moved REALLY fast. Faster than buses. My suggestion is wait an hour after the park opens to get on buses or skyliner and there really isn’t a line.

    3. Jenn

      Very likely! You’re going during the peakest of the peak seasons!😄 And also consider if you want to do rope-drops, any transportation except for your own car will only get you there 1/2 hour or so before gates open

  2. David

    When we stayed at Riviera last month the lines weren’t too bad but on Saturday morning when we were leaving the hotel and going to Caribbean Beach for breakfast, the line got really long. I second the comment about the coffee shop there. They serve a few exclusive drinks that have the Skyliner theme and it’s worth checking out.

  3. I ended up getting most of my money back for a TERRIBLE stay at Pop! They are SO unorganized, chaotic, overbooked and understaffed!
    For breakfast, it took us over an hour to get waffles!! Just waffles! The Skyliner AND Buses are backed up to the point that if you have anything actually “planned”, you can forget it! NEVER, EVER, EVER, will I stay there again!!!!

    1. SG

      I agree, we had the same issue. It used to be our favorite, more reasonable price (which varies a lot) and a food court, which has been replaced with a TERRIBLE mobile order sytem with a very limited menu, no ability to add on if you forget something and the line is ginormous! No quick meal. And the McDonald’s was closed due to construction. Luckily we brought fruit which held us over until we got to a park.
      We thought the SkyLiner would be fun too, which it was until we got to the next stop where it merges with other hotels and parks – way long line!
      We’re not going to stay in a resort again until the pandemic is over.
      We went to MK last week, all attractions were a minimum of 30 min to over an hour wait AND just to go into a shop, another 30 min wait! We just walked, enjoyed the costumes on the GUESTS and eating at kiosks- restaurants too full!

    2. Kelly Thole

      When did you go? We stayed there from the 11th-17th and it was awesome. I mobile ordered food and it would be ready in 5-10min. Everything was clean and organized. It was a very enjoyable stay. Cast members were very caring and attentive to needs. It was all new to them so of it was around the time it opened they could have been trying to get into the groove with all the changes

  4. Peter

    WDW REALLY needs to get their act together. Too much NOT going right over there!

  5. Jennifer

    Of course lines are long. POP is the only value resort open AND since it is a Skyliner resort, they do not provide bus transportation TO Epcot or Hollywood Studios. Plan accordingly. Get up and in line earlier or Uber/Lyft(cheaper).

    1. Well if its crowded since other resorts are closed WDW should plan accordingly and supply more buses, DUH

      1. Kelly Thole

        Depending on when you went they had lines of busses taking people to parks so it went fast. Most of the time we were walking up to them and getting on right away. It went very smooth and the wait times at the park were way less this past week. We were able to go on all rides we wanted to and mobile ordering was fast and simple. We hardly had to wait in a line to go into a shop a d would walk right it. Even with all the restrictions we had a great time. It was an adjustment and I feel like they are doing awesome now. I would go again at this resort even if we’re still in a pandemic

        1. I think Disney in general is doing an awesome job considering the circumstances. We just got back Friday. Transportation was a struggle but the Disney magic is still there. CM are doing a phenomenal job. You need to go into it knowing it isn’t the same as before, and if you are not ok with that idea, don’t go. Simple as that.

  6. Sue

    Disney is crazy they don’t care as long as people come they could care less on long you wait. It’s all
    About the money with them. You spend more time waiting in lines then anything else and you still
    Have to pay the same price but again if you are that crazy to go then nobody will
    Feel sorry for you.

    1. Jon

      I have nt gone yet. Going in 3 weeks. Its not perfect but people who have bad expieriances tend to send in comments more than those who have favorable. If your expecting the same as normal, dont go.

      1. Kelly Thole

        We just got back from pop yesterday. You will enjoy your time. Easier to get pictures without crowds. My suggestion is plan to leave to the parks an hour after the park opens and you will pretty much walk up to a bus and get a ride there .. same with the skyliner. Have fun! I wish we could have stayed longer.

  7. Stayed at PopCentury back in the middle of September.
    The only problem I had was with dining. Yes, I had eaten dinner at the park before returning to the resort, But I wanted to pick up a muffin and a bottle of juice to put in the refrigerator for breakfast. Simple Grab-n-go stuff.
    There was a 2 hour wait for a pickup time for mobile ordering, and you couldn’t get in unless your order was ready. They should at least have had a way to run ‘no preparation needed’, ‘bag and go’ orders through at minimal delay.

  8. Denise Mouery

    We were there last week & the lines for the buses at pop century were soo bad, I guess guest are looking for another route. Need a better way

  9. ene

    do none of them care about coronavirus

    1. Jeff

      Just got back from a week at WDW and had no issues except Disney Springs. Way too crowded for us.

      All the social distancing in the lines made it much more pleasant, and all the lines kept moving.

    2. Paula fields

      No they don’t care about coronavirus if you get it while you’re there that’s on you there thinking as long as they get their money

  10. Jess

    I’m sure it’ll help the lines get even longer when AOA opens in two weeks. I have reservations the 8-14 and I’m still on the fence about coming. I hate paying a parking fee but driving to the parks seems like a better option than skyliner/busses

    1. Joe Staffa

      If you are staying on property you don’t have to pay to park

  11. Jennifer Neven

    Just got back 10/20, Friday rode the skyliner no problem , but Saturday it was wrapped around pop century. Decided to uber. Same thing on Monday. Only got on 1 ride in magic kingdom friday, Saturday epcot got on 2 rides in 8 hours. Sunday Hollywood studios was better 4 rides, only one star war ride, the other one we couldn’t get both times at 10am and 2pm. Monday animal kingdom got on the avatar ride within 90 minutes, then a couple others . Food was limited same menu each day.

  12. John Noblick

    We found Pop Century old, tired, unfriendly staff, depressing. Our room was not ready. Waited and waited. They said they would contact us when ready..never did. We had to ask. Room, musty smell,faucet was broken! Waited and waited for coffee in the morning. We would NEVER STAY AT POP CENTURY AGAIN.

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