Comments for Fans Ask for Splash Mountain Retheme to Honor Chadwick Boseman

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  1. Christopher P Candee

    This is stupid…. It does not fit with the theming at all. You start at the Haunted Mansion in New England and work around the Rivers of America like you were heading west. That is why things like glass get smaller and smaller, showing the wear and tear of moving west. Black Panther would ruin the theming. These are petitions by people who want to push an agenda and don’t care about Disney tradition or the historical meaning of why things were done the way there are. Why even report this and give those nuts a say?

    1. Anonymous

      Yeah, those people are so full of it.

      1. Erica

        they really are 🙂

    2. Tina

      True.It’s Critter Country,not Super Hero Hill.If we honored all the fallen everything would be changed to The Lands of the past.I was fine with Splash mountain,I understand change and was just okay with The Princess and Frog theme,but enough is enough just open and operate as it was that’s what we really want.

  2. Caroline

    Disney should make two brand new rides for both The Princess and The Frog and Chadwick Boseman. Both deserve it, but not at the expense of Splash Mountain! It’s a classic!

    1. Tina

      I am not in favor of a Chadwick Boseman ,maybe a Black Panther where it would be in the area of Super Heroes(maybe) but I feel Disney should just stick to fun and leave the Politics and issues to others we go there to let go of all the real issues and just have fun.

      1. Caroline

        I agree completely, Tina.

  3. Caroline

    How does a petition to keep Splash Mountain as it is, with close to 86,000 signatures keep getting ignored?

    1. Darth Notices

      Interesting point.

      During the Civil War, about half the country was petitioning to keep slavery too.

      1. Anonymous

        It’s not the same thing as keeping slavery, cause Song of the South and Splash Mountain was not about Slavery.

        1. Tina

          Mr. Walt Disney was not showcasing slavery he was doing what he did best making a themed ride to go along with a movie we all loved and watched.He did it often and he did it to perfection, really no need to ever change it just add around the Parks the new ideas.

      2. Caroline

        Just because you like a ride does not make you racist. That’s the last I’m commenting. The “racist if you like splash mountain” card is getting old.

      3. Kate Fisher

        Ladies and gentlemen, this man just compared our petition to keep Splash as it is to slavery. Unbelievable.

    2. Connie

      Caroline I so agree. This is ridiculous. Keep splash mountain as is. The attraction is about the animals not so much about uncle Temoa.

  4. Kate Fisher

    How about just give the properties brand new attractions and stop treating Splash Mountain like a scapegoat? There’s an idea.

  5. Jonathan Zinck

    Seriously? The initial re-theme was already a terrible fit, but now people want a Black Panther remake? This is ridiculous, if you want a Black Panther ride, build a new ride in an area where it actually makes sense. Don’t take an innocent, beloved ride and change it into something that makes no sense thematically.

  6. Merik2008

    I’m not sure how many people know about this, but Disney cannot legally do this in Florida due to a legal binding allowing only universal to build marvel themed attractions east of the Mississippi river, therefore a black panther themed attraction in Disney world is legally impossible.

  7. rroe

    BS to that one!!!!!

    1. TacoCat

      Time for the “woke” crowd to go back to sleep.

  8. Eva

    Which fans I’m not asking for the change or anything like this article is the writers opinion only
    Articles are become propaganda

  9. Jay

    Why not leave Splash mountain as it is? Scrap the re-theme idea and and build new attractions for who ever they want in another park or area where it would fit the established themes of that area when or if the parks return to profitable operations.

  10. TacoCat

    Just get rid of Splash Mountain all together. There, problem solved. No more squabbles. Nothing to fight over. Cancel Culture happy now?

  11. Chi

    I’m a Black woman who loves Disneyland. I would have been fine had the plans been for Splash Mountain to stay the same (please note: that doesn’t mean Song of the South isn’t racist, it is but if we got rid of everything with racist underpinnings, we’d have little to nothing, this wouldn’t be a battle I chose. Heck, I think the movie should be on Disney+ but I digress)… I love the idea of a Princess Tiana retheme. I understand folks who want things to stay the same for nostalgia and tradition sake – I’ve had a hard find with the Pixar turnover at California.

    A Black Panther retheme is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. I can’t imagine it’s actually fans of Disneyland making such a suggestion. It makes no sense.

    1. Tina

      Thank You I am a white woman that is so in love with the movie The Princess and the Frog,I love Tiana she could possibly be my favorite but I am tired of some making so much a Black and White issue how about just keeping it about beloved Movies and Characters and the Themes will remain as was FUN.

      1. Chi

        Movies can be beloved by done and offensive to others. I don’t personally think eliminating them and pretending they didn’t exist is the answer but I understand how people do. I will admit the notion that we shouldn’t care about certain realities and just have fun cause that’s why we’re there can be frustrating since it ignores the possibility that people can actually be legitimately affected by the pain of the past but such is life. I can’t allow folks not caring to understand to cause me to not enjoy the magic.

  12. How about put Black Panther at Disney California Adventure and Pleaseeee keep the idea of the Princess and the Frog theme for Splash Mountain.

  13. TacoCat

    I see what is behind this idea..people were outraged at changing Splash Mountain to Princess and Frog. So, an idea is introduced to make it Black Panther. Now everyone wants Princess and Frog. Reverse physiology.

    1. Caroline

      Nope, still don’t want Princess and the Frog…not to take the place of Splash Mountain anyway. I loved PATF before this re-theme announcement, and I’d totally love a brand new ride for Tiana. It does not need to replace Splash Mountain, though.

    2. Caroline

      Also, it’s not outrage over the fact that it’s being changed to PATF…most Splash fans agree that Tiana does absolutely deserve more representation and deserves a ride of her own. The outrage is over the fact that Disney is trying to erase everything about Splash Mountain and Song of the South as if that will solve the world’s problems. It just simply won’t.

  14. Larry

    Why would Disney amusement parks honor a Hollywood actor? The parks are about the imaginary characters Disney has created or produced for everyone to watch. The retheming of Splash Mountain to Princess and the Frog has merit. To build anything to honor an actor does not. Chadwick left us all too soon, but he, the actor was not Disney intellectual property. I’m confident the Black Panther character will be showcased in one of the parks in the future.

  15. This Splash Mountain re theme announcement did not share the same success as the Tower of Terror re theme announcement or even the Paradise Pire re theme anouncement did. Not only 2020 is a weird year but everyone dosn’t like the concept art and they would rather prefer to keep Splash Mountain and save the ride for getting re themed. Not only that Splash Mountain is a fan favorite ride. Also during the coronavirus pandemic 28,000 Disney cast members got layoff because of this virus that’s been going on since March. So do you think the retheme of Splash Mountain will be canceled due to budget issues and Disney will move on to something else after the new year of 2021? I mean we got Mickey’s Runaway Railway coming to Toon Town in Disneyland in a few years.

  16. Heather

    Omg I don’t get why Disney is still ignoring us! Disney listened to 20,000 signatures but wont even say a word about almost 80,600 signatures unbelievable! Also disney is going to ruin a part of the Magic because of some fake disney fans???? ?????

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